Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Your Spooky On With These Peel and Stick Halloween Kids Decals!

skeleton kids decal

 Kids Decals are a great way to add some fun but spooky design to your house this Halloween Season! 

Put a little spooky on your windows, doors, furniture, refrigerator or decorate your child's trick-r-treat buckets with some really cute images of pumpkins, bats, spiders or skulls.
Click here to see our last post on how to create Halloween Luminaries to light up your trick-r-treat night!
Halloween Kids Decals

Because our decals are removable and reusable, you can peel them off when the fun is over, stick them back on the sheets they came on, and use them for years to come! Decorating has never been so easy and economical!

Below are a sampling of the different Halloween kids decals we offer for super great prices at

spiders kids decals
These spiders look a little too real for my liking... Creep out your friends with our Spiders and Webs Kids Decals... for only $6.95!!!
skeleton kids decal 1
For only $16.95 you can build this glow-n-dark smiling skeleton on your wall or door! He comes with accessories too, pumpkins, bats, spiders and more!
witch kids decals
"Whimsical and sophisticated" is the best way to describe the style of this adorable set of Halloween peel and stick kids decals. From best-selling artist Jane Kitching comes colorful witches, pumpkins, hats and black cats who will bring a smile to everyone's face, big and small. 

                                          Purchase the Witchy Kids Decals for only $14.95!

halloween kids decals
Fun and friendly skeletons, bats, and spiders, as well as cool cauldrons, brooms, skulls, spider webs, and pumpkins-

Buy this set of Halloween Kids Decals for $14.95 and you'll never run out of ways to display them!

From pumpkins to glowing skeletons... Kids Decal Corner can bring the spook to your home this Halloween Season!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaching??? Alphabet Wall Stickers Are Just the Beginning...

Are you a teacher? Maybe you're a homeschooling Mom. Or, maybe you're a little of both and want to give your kids a head start on learning. If so, I think you'll be excited to see the NEW peel and stick, educational kids decals that are available now at Kids Decal Corner!

Between chalkboard stickers and USA / world maps and dry-erase calendars...

 Alphabet wall stickers are just the beginning to all the fun kids can have while learning!

Here are some of my favorites:
This interactive USA map has peel and stick states to help kids learn all 50 states of our great, big United States :)
The individual states can be stuck and re-stuck over and over without loosing their sticky. The repetition is a wonderful asset to learning.
This particular United States Map Kids Decal is 28x18 inches. A removable, re-usable teaching tool.

Measuring 24x36 inches, both the United States map and the World map are both dry-erase! What's not to love??
These maps are great not only for schools, but for homeschooling, offices, libraries, cafes or just for cool wall decor in your den!

Speaking of dry-erase, this packed of dry-erase kids decals are sold 3 per pack, measuring 9x13 inches. Great again for anywhere you are teaching or kids need to practice penmanship or older kids need to keep track of their school assignments or sports schedules. We have a variety of dry-erase products; come check them out. You won't be sorry!!

Need to teach your toddlers their ABC's or numbers... we have lots of alphabet wall stickers to fit just about any style and taste! Here are the most popular decals:

And here is my personal favorite:

I have these Colorful Alphabet Wall Stickers in my house - they're amazingly durable and adorable!!! My kids love them.

Well, that's what's NEW and exciting at Kids Decal Corner, in the educational department! So to all the teachers and teaching moms .... Happy Teaching :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zroom, Zroom... Cars 2 Kids Decals Are Racing to Kids Decal Corner!

You don't have to be a kid to love the endearing characters of Disnye/Pixar's Cars 2. Now showing in theaters!!
Not to be left behind, Kids Decal Corner now has NEW Cars 2 kids decals in stock. Check them out!

The all new Cars 2 Growth Chart Kids Decal. Featuring officially licensed art and your favorite characters from Disney-Pixar's Cars 2, this peel & stick chart is a great way to keep your growing child "on track"! Application is easy: just peel each pre-cut piece from the liner and apply it to the wall. Each element is completely removable and repositionable, so you can take your time assembling the chart (or easily move it to a new wall).

Cars 2 Giant Lightning McQueen! These kids decals are the perfect choice of decor for any Cars 2 fan. Each element is removable and repositionable, and can be applied to any smooth surface. Your walls will never be boring again!

Cars 2 Kids Decals. Featuring characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile, and many more, these kids decals are the perfect way to relive your favorite moments from the movie... right on your walls! Apply the decals to any smooth surface: walls, furniture, ceilings, windows, doors, and so much more.
These new kids decals are fun all by themselves, but they can make one roaring impression when used together! Boring walls look out!
Enjoy :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Transform Your Room With Your FavoriteTransformers Decal!

Now showing in theaters....
Transformers... Dark of the Moon!
If you're a big Transformers fan, you'll love our removable, reusable and easy to apply vinyl Transformers decals!
Bumble Bee... who's larger than life presence will catch everyone's attention!

Optimus Prime commands authority while standing over 3 feet tall!
And all NEW to Kids Decal Corner are the Dark of the Moon Transformers Decal packet with 23 decals!
You can do a BIG room makeover with our 6'x10.5' Wallpaper Decal... check it out!!! It's more impressive than you can imagine.
So whether or not you're a big kid or little kid... these bigger than life decals will make an even bigger impression on your walls!
Enjoy the new drama!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're back... and with more "help" than before!!

In case you've been wondering what happened to us, here at Kids Decal Corner; don't worry we haven't fallen off the earth. In February we added a new baby to our family of 5. Baby Elizabeth was born on February 4th. Being a stay-at-home mom of 2 toddlers, adding a baby to the mix has definitely cut down on my available time to work on my home business ( Kids Decal Corner ).
But I'm happy to announce that the dust has settled and I'm back and with more "help" than before.

Here are my "ancillary staff" members. And what cuties they are to boot!
 Cole is our sweet 5 year old who is a great big brother and my cheering squad. He loves keeping count of how many orders I get!

Alivia is almost 4 and a super proud big sister and my helper in the shipping department! If only you knew all the love that went into your packages :)

And Elizabeth, also lovingly called Ellie, is now already 4 months old and has stolen our hearts!

So, as you can imagine, life has been busy and yet rewarding. But we're very proud of our home business and want to continue to offer the best service, the newest products and inspiring ideas for our loyal customers. So thanks for being patient with us and we're excited to be coming back to regular blogging and fresh ideas for the rest of 2011. Stay tuned... lots of awesome new products coming soon!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Room Ideas Made Simple with Nursery Wall Decals

One of my goals for this new year is to share blog posts of Inspiration... instead of just decal related material. However, I can't help but seeing (and suggesting) how childrens wall stickers and mural stencils can make your decorating projects faster and easier and oh so stylish!

This post's inspiration comes from Better Homes & Gardens picture/article entitled, Baby Room Details. Check out the link for the full story and lots of great pictures and ideas!

Baby rooms are so much fun to design and decorate, however there are lots of points to consider while you're brainstorming. This article is helpful in highlighting the useful, organizational, and decorative elements to a nursery.

Here's a few ideas I thought were most helpful:
  • Baskets and even towers of baskets are a great way to not only store all the items a baby needs, but they add a fun and decorative element to the room. My suggestion: Use chalkboard stickers (cut to fit a cardboard or wooden plaque) to label what's inside each basket. Attach them with coordinating ribbon. Because chalkboard stickers can be cleaned and reused, it makes it easy to change the contents of the basket and still stay organized, especially as the child grows and you need the baskets for toys instead of blankets or diapers :)
  • It doesn't have to be expensive to decorate a nursery.... in this article they suggested framing simple childrens art. I like the idea of creating themed art with the use of nursery wall decals. Check out this old blog post for making your own art using decals.
  • Pick out furniture that will grow with your baby. Corner cupboards or armoires are great for storing the necessities for babies and yet they are versatile as the child grows. Consider how you can personalize and decorate these pieces ... try painting the back panel of the armoire a coordinating color or paint the nobs of a dresser or even monogram a headboard. If its too scary to use paint, try our peel and stick monogram nursery wall decals!
Framed art... or try making your own using nursery wall decals.

Dress up your dresser or changing table by painting the knobs!
Well, folks, hope you enjoyed this little post of inspiration :) Don't forget to check out the link for more great ideas! Happy brainstorming!!! And as always, we love to hear your comments or questions here at Kids Decal Corner!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mickey & Friends Childrens Wall Stickers... All NEW at Kids Decal Corner!

Mickey & Friends Childrens Wall Stickers

All your favorite Mickey characters have just joined the pages at Kids Decal Corner... from Mickey and Minnie to Pluto and Donald Duck!

giant mickey kids decals
Giant Mickey Kids Decal!

giant minnie kids decals
Giant Minnie Kids Decal

mickey kids decals donald duck
Infamous Donald Duck Kids Decal!

mickey kids decals pluto
Giant Pluto Kids Decal!

And there's more... come check them all out! For a  full room makeover, you can add the coordinating peel and stick wall border or make some of your own framed art using the Mickey and Friends Kids Decals.

mickey growth chart kids decals
How about this great growth chart to keep track of your own little character's changes!

mickey mouse chalkboard stickers
It's never been more fun to write on the walls, than with our Mickey Chalkboard Stickers!

All of these childrens wall stickers are peel and stick, removable and reusable! It really has never been easier to decorate your kid's rooms!

If  you're not a Facebook fan... stop on over to our fan page.... there will some special promos for our facebook fans! Make sure you click the "LIKE" button at the top of the page... so you 'll be sure not to miss out on the SALES!!

Well, that's all folks :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Story Book Inspired Nurseries and How Childrens Wall Stickers Can Help!

I found this idea while I was browsing the internet and thought I'd share it with all of you! It's from Better Homes and Gardens website, entitled " Storybook- Inspired Nurseries". Check out the link for the whole scoop and more great pictures.
In a few short weeks, my husband and I will be welcoming our fourth child to the family! We're  all excited and ready to meet this little one that's been "baking in Mommy's belly", as our 3 year old daughter likes to say.
Having babies and designing your own special nursery are exciting moments in a mom's life! A lot of our customers at Kids Decal Corner are shopping with nurseries in mind. And so, I thought I'd share a little inspiration to get your creativity churning ;)

I love this idea of a storybook inspired nursery! In the example from BHG, they used the book The Twelve Gifts of Birth. What I like about this idea and the pictures, is that the room can grow with the baby... it's done in colors that are suitable for newborns as well as toddlers and even teens! I will say, however, that if they had used childrens wall stickers to do more decorating, it would make their job a bit easier as they transition from one age to the next (how's that for advertising... but its true!).

Here's a few great pointer / ideas from this article:
  • Create a focal point to display the ideas of your storybook. In there example, they used the window seat and built in shelving to display the 12 love characters of this book.
  • Mix and match fabric. Don't lock yourself into "kid - themed" bedding. Use bedding and colors that can transition well from one age to the next. The pink, green, and orange plaid will work well for nursery into teens!
  • Use a quote from the book to either "create" the headboard or to decorate the wall above it. Here is where our Alphabet Wall Stickers or the Wall Wishes Quotes or Nursery Rhyme Quotes would make your job a lot easier and faster!
  • Choose furniture that can grow with your child and that provides a nice neutral background for the more exciting colors and decor of the room and bedding.
Notice the 12 characters of the book surrounding their focal point.

Here's their book quote.

Again, there are tons of kids decal options that would work great for adding some interest around a mirror like this.

If you're looking for some Storybook themed decals, check out:
Pooh and Friends Collection...

Sesame Street Collection...

And coming soon... Mickey & Friends!!

And so many others ...

Well, I hope you found this helpful.. and check out the link for more great ideas and pictures! Happy Decorating everyone!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bragging It Up At Kids Decal Corner.... Check It Out!


One of our goals for January, here at Kids Decal Corner, was to create a Brag Page on our website. Well, we've done it ( and may I mention, there are still 6 more days till the end of the month ;)... I love when a goal gets accomplished! ) and we want to share it with all of you!

Follow this link to go check out our new Brag Page ... let us know what you think!

2 Reasons for the Brag Page:
  1. It's the best part of our business, as we get to see and share with others how happy and satisfied our customers are with their products and the service they received at Kids Decal Corner.
  2. We hope it inspires you to get your creative juices flowing to jazz up your home or next project!
  3. Now you don't just have to take our word on how great these kids decals and mural sets are ... you can hear and see for yourself how happy our customers are ... from all over the world!!!
If you have any pictures you'd like to share on our Brag Page, we would be delighted to see them! Please email them to us at!  The more the merrier!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lightning McQueen and His Pals Have Arrived at Kids Decal Corner...

Brand new to Kids Decal Corner.... Lightning McQueen... Mater... and the rest of their friends from Radiator Springs! 

Disney - Pixar Cars has been a movie that has delighted my children, and thousands more, over the last few years! Now you can easily add these lovable characters to their bedrooms, playrooms, or wherever. Because they are peel and stick, they go up in minutes and are just as easy to remove as well.

We've added a few children's wall stickers to our NEW Cars collection.... starting with the Giant Lightning McQueen Kids Decal himself:

And then, best buds... Giant Mater Kids Decal:

For the full effect we have the whole town of Radiator Springs in the Cars Kids Decals:

Now for my personal favorite... we have the 6'x10.5' Cars XL Wallpaper Decal!

For a full room Cars makeover, there is the matching peel and stick Cars Borders:

Rev up your kids walls with these fun, affordable and oh, so cute childrens wall stickers~!!