Monday, July 26, 2010

"Out of this World" Kids Decals : Mood Board #3

For this week's Project Runway Monday I'm presenting Mood Board #3, based off of the kids decals "Out of this World". You can use these great decals is so many ways, and this mood board just captures one. This mood board is for a boy's bedroom/playroom. I hope you get many ideas that you can adapt to your own situation!
1. Out of This World  Kids decals, sold on Kids Decal Corner for $41.95.
2. I recommend painting your hardwood floor white (see #5), then painting a layer of dark blue circles to mimic a solar system, and arrange your decals around the circles for a creative display of rockets, planets, and stars. For a permanent option, cover decals and paint with a layer of clear poly to keep decals from rubbing off with the traffic of little shoes.
3. Keep the style of sleek and streamline science going with this black metal loft bed complete with a desk and futon chair below a twin sized bed. This can be purchased online at
4. Pint colors make a room go from blah to bling! And this pairing of blues is no exception. Try painting the walls this smooth and calming Behr Lovely Blue Sky, a Home Depot color.
5. Paint the trim and floor Behr Ultra Pure White, also available at Home Depot.
6. Try something new and creative by painting the ceiling and about 12" down onto each wall the Behr Navy Blue. Next, use Pottery Barn Kids Glow-In-The-Dark Star Decals over this night sky area to give your space explorer a feeling of sleeping under the stars!
7. Buy this Authentic Models Mobile Solar System by Authentic Models on Amazon and hang each planet from the ceiling. You can even take apart the mobile so that you can spread out the planets over your ceiling.
8. Spread this beautiful bedding set from Land of Nod over your child's bed and they'll have all they need to send their dreams filled with explorations to the moon.
9. Frame the space on your wall where your studying, future NASA engineer will see it, from his work station below his bed.
10. And lastly, gather some large and extra large baskets from places like Michaels, TJ Maxx, or Pottery Barn to stow away rolls of constellation and planet posters, as well as rolls of blank drawing paper and other craft supplies, building blocks, or model supplies.

Well, that's a wrap for this space explorer's mood board. And as always, feel free to take these ideas for using our childrens wall stickers, from and form them into something that will work for your space and your budget! Enjoy!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Decals Scroll Tree : Mood Board # 2

1. This girl's mood board is based around the very adorable Scroll Tree Kids Decal , sold at Kids Decal Corner, for the affordable price of $ 41.95
These particular kids decals have 80 pieces and when assembled the tree stands 64"x 58"!!
What I have pictured in my mind is to use this decal in one of three ways:
  1. As the focal point on a plain wall. Couple the chair (#12), the hanging lamp (#11) and the little table (#14). You could sit the chair under the bowing branches of the tree and sit the table beside it. This would make a nice grouping.
  2. You could position the kids decals so that it's branches flow over the headboard of the bed (#5).
  3. Last idea is to position the decal so that it looks like it's growing up beside the dresser... again, with the branches flowing above it. 
You'll have to decide what works best with the layout of your room.

2. Paint colors: This is the fun part!!! I suggest painting 3 of the 4 walls this color, called Soft Pink from Behr (found at your local Home Depot).
3. Use this color to paint ceiling and trim: Behr's Ultra Pure White. I suggest using a semi-gloss finish for trim and a satin for the ceiling.
4. Use this flashy color, Sexy Pink from Behr, on your 4th wall. I would use this either behind the bed or on the wall with the chair.
5. I think this cottage style headboard goes nicely with the laid back feel of the decor'. It is from Pottery Barn Kids, called the Catalina Bed
6. This bedding is absolutely adorable!!! It's the Brooke Quilted Bedding collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  I don't think there could be bedding that coordinates better!!!
7. The Brooke Sheeting, from PBK (Pottery Barn Kids) is just as cute.
8. These little owls are my personal favorite!!! Meet Penny and Joy Plush Owls from PBK. I would buy plenty of these cute creatures, so you have some for the bed as well as the chair!
9. Fill your bed with the Brooke Decorative Sham (smaller owl pillow ) and the Euro or Small Quilted Shams.
10. This is a picture of an idea for adding a fun and decorative touch to the walls without the mural. Take a circular object and create a scalloped edge along the top of the wall with the Sexy Pink paint color. I would suggest NOT putting this scallop on the wall with the decal, simply because I think it would look too busy. Many times, keeping it simple is best!
11. This hanging lamp in the Cotton Duck Drum Shade Pendant from Shades of Light in the Green. I envision this lamp either hanging with the chair and side table or beside the bed, coupled with the little table (#14).
12. Every room needs a place to recline and encourage snuggle and reading time. If your child is younger and you still rock her, I suggest this Eco Friendly Grand Glider and Rocker from PBK. It comes in many colors, but I thought it best to, again, go simple and keep it a soft but durable white cotton twill.  As your child gets older, you might want to consider replacing the recliner with a kid's size stuffed chair.
13. For a little foot comfort, try this solid chenille oval rug from PBK . You can get it to fit the size of your room. I suggest placing it at the seating area or beside/under the bed. Rugs are a great way to draw the eye to the focal points of the room and grounding your furniture. You can even use rugs over top carpet, as long as your carpet is a light and neutral color!
14. I always like to have a small table in a room to either place beside the bed or chair. You can fill this cute little Flower Accent Table from PBK with books and pictures. It is a general rule of "decorator's thumb" to group in odd numbers, and this little table makes for many options!
15. Last, but not least, is the low but long dresser from PBK. It's the same collection as the bed, called the Catalina Extra Wide Dresser.

Well, folks, that concludes our Mood Board #2  using kids decals from, for today! I hope this gives you many ideas to run with. Remember, these items are meant to provide a spring board for your imagination. Obviously, there are many different shapes of rooms, many different budgets and we all have our own unique taste for design. So use these pictures as a guide to find what's perfect for your room, taste and budget!

Have fun and by all means... send us pictures of the masterpiece you created!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transform Your Room with our Transformers Decal!

As Hollywood is gearing up to bring us the sequel to Transformers; Revenge of the Fallen, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the super cool Transformers Characters we already have at Kids Decal Corner... "they're more than meets the eye!"

BummbleBee Transformers Decal

Let Bumble Bee be your guardian! This peel and stick transformer decal stands almost 3 1/2 feet tall. What's great about these childrens wall stickers is:
1. They're not just for kids!!! How about you guys out there. Deck out your man room or office with these awesome stickers for wall, mirror, door, locker.... wherever you can find a spot that's big enough!
2. Another great idea... Use them for party decorations! What kid wouldn't be psyched to have these mighty friends at his birthday bash!!!
3. These options are all possible because they come at such an affordable price. Each Giant Transformers Decal is sold separately for $23.95 at!! Can't beat that price for the impact it will bring your room or party!

Optimus Prime Transformers Decal
Then we have Optimus Prime. This autotron stands at 3 feet tall as well. Pair them up and transport yourself to the epic battle of good over evil... Of the Autotrons against the Decepticons!

Transformers Wallpaper Decals

WOW!!! Talk about "more than meets the eye!" These amazing wallpaper decals will transport you into your favorite Blockbuster film in literally minutes! You can apply this wallpaper decal in roughly an hour or two. Click below to see the demo video. This mural is available in 9'x15' or 6'x10' sizes.

These smaller, but equally cool, transformers kids decals have all your favorite characters in one package!
On the Autobots' side: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Mudflap, and Skids. In the Decepticons' corner: Megatron, Starscream, Devastator, Ravage, and The Fallen.
These aren't just stickers for walls, like I mentioned earlier, you can apply them to any smooth surface; furniture, stools, mirrors, lockers, laptops, cars.... just about anywhere you can imagine. 

Transformers Decal

Our Transformers Decal make great gifts for the Transformers Fans you know as well! You can purchase all of these decals at Kids Decal Corner!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kids Decals Make A Baby Gift to Remeber!

Hello, Folks! It's Monday already, Wow, time really does fly. In keeping with our Project - Runway Monday, I decided to show you what I've been up to this past weekend. Some very dear friends of ours just had their second child. As a Baby Gift, I wanted to make them a wall plaque with their precious daughter's initials. The plan was to use some kids decals on the project as well, however, my plaque was too small and looking far too crowded for a decal (disappointing, but I didn't feel like starting over).

I hope though, that you can use this idea as a spring board for the next little baby in your life that needs a sweet welcome into the world gift.

So, here is the run down of how I made this little Baby Plaque.

Step 1:  Gather your supplies. You'll need a wooden plaque - purchased at your local craft stores. This particular plaque is 8x10. I think I would go a bit bigger when I do this again.

Primer - Gray or white
Acrylic paint
Paper plate
Step 2: Primer your plaque.
I only used gray primer because it was what I had on hand. If the colors you plan to paint your plaque are light, then go with a white primer. If the colors are darker, you'll save yourself time by using a gray primer because you won't need as many coats to get a true color.

Step 3:  Paint the edges of your plaque the background color of your choice. For this project I used green. Let paint dry!

Step 4: Using a round object, trace half circles... creating a scallop edge... around the outside of your plaque. A few tips: roughly measure out your circles, so that you don't run out of room at the end of the plaque. Try different round objects around your house until you find one that works. I used the bottom of the paint bottles and they worked perfectly.

Step 5: Paint your scalloped edge and the center of your plaque. I suggest 2-3 thinner coats of paint. Let the paint dry! This picture was only after 1 coat of paint.

Step 6: Print out the letters and date from your computer. Pick a font that you like and print it out in the size you want. In order to copy it onto your plaque, rub chalk on the back of the printed paper. Now with a ball-point pen, trace over the printed letters and date. When you're done, you'll have a chalk outline on the plaque of the letters and dates to paint over. The great thing about this is, if you don't get your letters or date centered the first try, you can just wipe the chalk off and go for try #2.


Step 7: Paint in your letters and date with a coordinating color. I used a darker pink. Note: If you don't have all the exact colors, you can easily mix colors to create the shade you want. I used a little red to darken up the pink that I used for the background. Use a fine point brush for the lettering! Don't worry, if you mess up, keep some background color handy and you can fix up your mistakes with a little of that paint. 

Step 8: Add special touches. This is where you could add childrens wall stickers or use part of the mural stencils from  to add finishing touches to your plaque. I was planning on using some flower kids decals, but they ended up being too large for my project. I just free handed these flowers and I think they turned out pretty cute. Remember, you can always cut your decals to fit too.

Well, I had lots of fun creating this sweet baby gift for our friends! I'd love to see what you design and create for your next baby gift - or any other gift, for that matter!!

That's all for this week's Project-Runway Monday! Next week.... MOOD BOARD # 2 coming down the runway! Have a great week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Life Size Princess Kids Decals.... Bringing the magic into your daughter's room!

Disney's new, The Princess and the Frog, lovable characters have just arrived at Kids Decal Corner!!!

This was the first movie that my son watched in the Big theatre with his Pappy! He thought he was big stuff, and I must say, he was. Though he thought it pretty scary at some points (he is only 4), he still loved the music and characters of the film.

If your child, like mine, has a fond place in their hearts for the magic, adventure and love of this new Disney film, then I'm sure they'd be delighted to have these life-size characters visiting them in their room!

With Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana you can create the comical couple that gives life to this movie, right
 on their bedroom walls!
Princess and the Frog;Tiana - 
Giant Princess Wall Stickers

Princess and the Frog; Naveen - Giant Princess Wall Stickers

All of these characters are sold separately, but I must say, for the size of the decal, it's a really good price! Visit us at to view the prices!
Bonus Material: There are twelve 3-D butterfly wall stickers that go along with each childrens wall stickers set! How cool is that!?
These princess wall stickers are from Roommates and like all our decals have their benefits:
  • Quick; go up in minutes
  • Repositionable; move the kids decals as often as you want until they meet your satisfaction!
  • Removable; No sticky residue left behind!
  • Reusable; in case you want to store them away and reuse them at a later date; just peel them off the wall (careful to not get any dirt or debris on the back) and place them on the silicone backing they came on, and you're good to go!
  • Made to last!
  • Affordable!!!

I'm thinking this adorable Princess Medallion would make a great "headboard" for your daughter's bed, don't you?!

Princess and the Frog Medallion - Giant Princess Wall Stickers

The Princess and the Frog, childrens wall stickers, would be great for accenting furniture or mirrors or stools, to coordinate with the theme of the walls. Don't forget... take a look at the different ways you can use these smaller decals to create beautiful art work for walls or doors. Make it personal by adding your child's name! Check out our earlier posts called "Project - Runway Monday; Alphabet Wall Stickers Part 1" for step by step instructions!

Princess and the Frog; Giant Princess Wall Stickers

If your little girl is into princess kids decals , there are many other options at Kids Decal Corner that I'm sure would delight her heart!

Well, folks, that's all the magic I have for now!  Have a great week!

Oh, I almost forgot... stay tuned, because the Disney Princesses are also coming to Kids Decal Corner! I'll be sure to let you know when the Highnesses arrive!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jungle Murals... Bringing the Wild Side... Inside!

Hippos... Lions... and Monkeys... "Oh, My!"

Jungle Murals are a popular decor theme these days! And why not?? What little boy, or girl, doesn't love the adventure of the jungle!

Maybe you're looking to decorate your first nursery or maybe you're ready to Re-Do your nursery to match your child's growing interests for Jungles and Animals and everything Dangerous! Maybe you have a plush budget for your decorating project or maybe you're working on a "shoestring". Perhaps you have plenty of time to invest into this decor project or maybe time is NOT a luxury you have!The truth is, we all start in different places when it comes to decorating.

Whatever your situation is... we have the perfect jungle mural to bring the ROAR of adventure into your child's room! At Kids Decal Corner, we offer a variety of jungle themed wall decor, in price and time involvement.

Let's start with our full room Jungle Mural Stencils:
Jungle mural Stencils

This is one of our more expensive items, selling for $100 at However, I think you will agree, that you get a really big BANG for your BUCK! You can literally put a mural throughout your whole room, for just $100.... that's GOOD! Not to mention, you can use the same mural stencils to make your own personalized art or pillows to match the jungle decor!

When you buy the Jungle Mural Stencils, you'll receive one of each of these stencils, plus a list of suggested paint colors and free brushes. The stencils are self-adhesive, making them easy to use and reuse as often as you need to!
Jungle mural Stencils

Here is a video to give you an idea of how these decorative stencils work.


short demo

Now lets take a look at the Paint by Number Wall Murals that are available at Kids Decal Corner.
This first paint by number is affectionately named Hula Party Jungle Murals and it costs $79.95. The dimensions are 8 feet by 7 feet! Pretty impressive, huh?!
Jungle Mural
Jungle Mural

Aren't these jungle murals adorable??? Remember when you were a kid, and you used to have those paint by number pictures? Well, this is just about the same idea... except for your wall! No artistic talent needed here... just a steady hand, a little extra time and some patience!

The mural above is called Story Time Jungle Murals and costs $79.95 as well. Its dimensions are 8 feet wide by 6 feet high.

When you buy these paint by number wall murals, you'll receive the printed image in panels of paper, carbon paper for tracing and a list of paint colors to purchase at your local craft store. The designated numbers on the mural correlate with the specific paint colors. Check out the simple 3 Step Process of applying these paint by number wall murals.

Along with the beautifully colored paint by number wall murals, we also offer Silhouette Safari Jungle Murals. This particular mural is 5 1/2 feet wide by 5 1/2 feet high.

Jungle mural - silhouette

Pros for Mural Stencils and Paint by Number Wall Murals:
  • Big Bang for your Buck. You can create a full room mural!
  • Simple to use. You don't have to be an artist to create these exciting jungle murals.
  • You can use the decorative stencils or tracing images to create personalized art work and pillows to coordinate with your jungle theme!
Cons for Mural Stencils and Paint by Number Wall Murals:
  • A little more expensive.
  • Takes some time! You can easily accomplish these murals in a weekend. It always helps to have extra hands too!
  • Not removable.... But it can be painted over when you're ready for a room re-do.
Now for the those who are pressed for time and money.... our collection of childrens wall stickers are really adorable and affordable!

First, we have the Brown Silhouette Jungle Animals - Kids Decal Mega Pack.

Jungle Animals Kids Decals

Each set comes with an ultra large giraffe, a friendly crocodile, one hip hippo, some mischievous monkeys, a trendy flamingo, a loving turtle, a couple of toucans, a few birds and some fresh blades of grass. The dimensions of the largest animals is 66 inches high. There are 24 decals all together. This Mega Pack of Childrens wall stickers is also available in trendy colored patterns.
This set costs $71.95. What is super convenient about these childrens wall stickers, is that it looks like you spent hours painting your lovable animals onto the wall, when in fact... it only took you minutes to stick them on!

Now for those who are really trying to stretch a buck... let me introduce our very cute Jungle Adventure Kids Decals for only $14.95!!! There are 26 decals included in each set.

Can't beat that price! With a little extra creativity you can also use this collection of childrens wall stickers to create a BIG visual impact! To see what I'm talking about, check out my blog posts Project - Runway Alphabet Wall Stickers Part 1 & 2.

Well folks... that's all I have for our Jungle Murals Theme for this Thursday's Product Review! I hope it was helpful and I look forward to seeing you at Kids Decal Corner where you can bring the Wild Side, inside!