Monday, July 26, 2010

"Out of this World" Kids Decals : Mood Board #3

For this week's Project Runway Monday I'm presenting Mood Board #3, based off of the kids decals "Out of this World". You can use these great decals is so many ways, and this mood board just captures one. This mood board is for a boy's bedroom/playroom. I hope you get many ideas that you can adapt to your own situation!
1. Out of This World  Kids decals, sold on Kids Decal Corner for $41.95.
2. I recommend painting your hardwood floor white (see #5), then painting a layer of dark blue circles to mimic a solar system, and arrange your decals around the circles for a creative display of rockets, planets, and stars. For a permanent option, cover decals and paint with a layer of clear poly to keep decals from rubbing off with the traffic of little shoes.
3. Keep the style of sleek and streamline science going with this black metal loft bed complete with a desk and futon chair below a twin sized bed. This can be purchased online at
4. Pint colors make a room go from blah to bling! And this pairing of blues is no exception. Try painting the walls this smooth and calming Behr Lovely Blue Sky, a Home Depot color.
5. Paint the trim and floor Behr Ultra Pure White, also available at Home Depot.
6. Try something new and creative by painting the ceiling and about 12" down onto each wall the Behr Navy Blue. Next, use Pottery Barn Kids Glow-In-The-Dark Star Decals over this night sky area to give your space explorer a feeling of sleeping under the stars!
7. Buy this Authentic Models Mobile Solar System by Authentic Models on Amazon and hang each planet from the ceiling. You can even take apart the mobile so that you can spread out the planets over your ceiling.
8. Spread this beautiful bedding set from Land of Nod over your child's bed and they'll have all they need to send their dreams filled with explorations to the moon.
9. Frame the space on your wall where your studying, future NASA engineer will see it, from his work station below his bed.
10. And lastly, gather some large and extra large baskets from places like Michaels, TJ Maxx, or Pottery Barn to stow away rolls of constellation and planet posters, as well as rolls of blank drawing paper and other craft supplies, building blocks, or model supplies.

Well, that's a wrap for this space explorer's mood board. And as always, feel free to take these ideas for using our childrens wall stickers, from and form them into something that will work for your space and your budget! Enjoy!!

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