Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids Decal Corner ... Inspired!

The company that makes the Paint by Number Wall Murals that are sold at Kids Decal Corner, Elephants on the Wall, is adding to my inspiration!

After the devastating hurricane in Haiti, some folks with Missions Beyond Borders, reconstructed an orphanage for so many of the now homeless little children. Elephants on the Wall then donated their Noah's Ark Wall Mural to help cheer up the walls of this new "home" for the children. What a great way to bring smiles to these sweet little faces, even if they couldn't be there themselves!

Click on the link below and you'll see a photo show of the orphanage and the paint by number painting project they did!

I've been brainstorming about how we, at Kids Decal Corner, can be contributing to the community in a similar way. Any suggestions from all of you out there, would be great~!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tinker Bell's At Kids Decal Corner!

tinker bell kids decal

If you're a fan of Magic ... especially Fairy Magic... You'll know that Disney's New  
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
is coming out on DVD and Blueray tomorrow,
September 21st!

This is a great movie for kids, and the kids at heart (like me). You can now bring the magic of Disney home with our adorable Giant Tinker Bell Kids Decal and the Disney Fairies Kids Decals! If your little girl loves Tinker Bell, she'll love having her giant glittering wings gracing her bedroom walls. Tinker Bell is almost 3 feet high when assembled and has glitter all over her wings!

You can also add Tinker Bells other Fairy Friends with our Disney Fairies Kids Decal set for only $14.95!
Not a bad price for all the magic you'll get with these sweet princess wall stickers!

disney fairies kids decals

Just in case you're not familiar with kids decals here's a quick list of why they're so great!:

1. Can be applied to any smooth, dry surface (furniture, walls, mirrors, lockers, desks, even bathrooms!)
2. Only takes MINUTES to assemble!
3. Removes without pulling paint or leaving a sticky residue!
4. Reusable... can be removed and reapplied countless times (don't be fooled by the cheap ones... you'll know the difference)!
5. Can be used to make adorable wall art... see our blog post for detailed tutorial!
6. When your child changes their mind about what's "IN"... its easy and inexpensive to update their living spaces when you use kids decals. Simply remove the "outdated" ones and apply the new ones... no paint, no weekend warrior projects. It's simple, fast and wallet friendly! Who doesn't like that?!

Well, happy shopping and bring a little magic home to your girls!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kids Decal Corner's NFL Lounge Room Mood Board

This month's mood board is focusing on football season. And the timing couldn't be better because here at Kids Decal Corner we're offering a great special to celebrate football season: $10 off purchase of $30 or more on NFL and college sports wall stickers! So here is just one of many ways to create some football hype around your house with our NFL Lounge Room Mood Board.

NFL gameroom
1. Let's start with the paint colors of the room. If you've looked at any of our other mood boards, you'll begin noticing a pattern...Behr Ultra Pure White. We recommend this white for the ceilings and trim to add a crispness to your room without having to worry about it clashing with your other colors.
2. Pick a wall to be your focal wall, and pain the other three walls Behr Ultra Grey Ghost. We picked grey because it's a great neutral color no matter which team you're rooting for and it will accent well with the shadow decals (#4) which we'll explain later.
3. We picked Behr Ultra Jet Black for the accent wall because it's one of the more decorating friendly colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team we used to decorate this lounge room with. You can change this accent wall to navy or any other color you want, as long as it hails your favorite NFL team!
4. These great translucent wall decals, Football Sudden Shadows Running Back and Tackle (29"x46" and 35"x44") make the perfect focal point for your accent wall. Just put them on your wall around your television (like in the mood board photo) to frame your television and you will have instant success in drawing your eyes to something interesting in the room that clearly sets the mood of the room. And to make it even better, you can purchase them at Kids Decal Corner for just $18.95 a piece, or even opt for a third option in buying the mural for $35.95
5. To use this next wall decal, we have three suggestions: go for the typical wall border and place it chair-rail height on the three grey walls (each decal is 5" high x 5 yards long); or, if you want to take the creativity to the next step, try putting it on your floor (if you have hardwood or other indoor/outdoor hard surface, that is) as a border around the entire room and seal up the job with a clear poly coat the keep the decals from wearing away as they get tread upon; and lastly, you could put it from corner to corner on your accent wall coming out from the shadow football player decals. No matter how you use this decal, the Pittsburgh Steelers Kids Decal Wall Border is only $26.95.
6. This beautiful halogen white credenza from CB2 provides the perfect mix of funcionality and style to make your lounge stylish sleek. Who says a game room or lounge has to be filled with the couches and coffee tables from the neighbor's curbside? This trim lined media storage center makes a great simple base for your tv and sets the stage for the rest of the furniture in the room in color and style.
7. While you're at CB2's website, pick up their go-cart two shelf table in white. It's easy to move out of the way for hyperactive guests and over-the-top half-time pastimes, and it offers lots of storage for sports memorabilia and magazines as well as all the delicacies that are so famously a part of all football watching gatherings. We suggest centering this coffee table between the right and left walls, paralleling the accent wall, between the couches and the tv.
8. Why not seal the deal to your football corner by anchoring the television watching area with a Steelers home field area rug. Try placing in a few inches under your couches and chairs and allow it to extend toward the tv until about 18-24 inches in front of the media center. The rug should extend out to the side of all of your seating by at least 6 inches, and ideally would end about 18 inches from those walls as well.
9. Spice up your seating with a dynamic duo of the Sfera Kids Lounge Chair. Place one at each upper corner of your rug to help define your seating area.
10. Show to everyone that your style is relaxed with a collection of bean bag chairs scattered around the perimeter of your rug, facing the tv. Just look around and you'll find any number of these chairs to fit your style and color fancy. They even come in a football shape!
11. Add these cool Vintage NFL Pennants to your lounge room. Try stringing them up beside each other from one corner of your accent wall to the other! Sports wouldn't be any fun without good opponents!
12. Official Logo Ricepaper Lanterns not only add some functionality, but add a festive, stylish touch to your lounge room decor! In this case, more is better! Try hanging them in pairs or groupings and at
different heights around your room.
13. Complete your lounge room with some Half-time Fun ... The NFL Football Toss Tailgating Game. Encourage your sports fans to engage in their own friendly competition with this fun toss game! This game is great because it can easily be stored in a closet between games or events, if need be.

Well, that's a wrap! I'm sure this has gotten your imagination pumping... we'd love to see your pictures of the NFL Lounge Room you create! And remember, Kids Decal Corner is running a SALE from now till September 24th... Don't miss this great opportunity to spruce up your TV room with some sports wall stickers!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sports Kids Decals Sale!!!

From NOW until September 24th
Take $10.00 off your purchase of NFL and College Sports Wall Stickers of $30.00 or more!

This SALE includes ALL the College Sports Wall Stickers:
* The Wall Stickers:

 * The College Sports Wall Borders:

college sports wall stickers

* The College Laptop Skins:

college sports wall stickers

*And ALL the NFL Kids Decal Wall Borders!

Packers sports wall stickers

Kids Decal Corner is making it fun and easy to get your Team Spirit on this Football Season with our official peel and stick sports wall stickers!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NEW Baby Wall Stickers added to Kids Decal Corner!

baby wall stickers; kids-decal-wish-tree

OH MY GOSH... Isn't this adorable?!
So many exciting NEW things happening at Kids Decal Corner!!! Last week I announced the Simple Stripes addition... the week before that Sudden Shadows... and now this week, we have some NEW Baby Wall Stickers added to our nursery and toddlers section!

I'm personally very excited about this addition, because I feel like it adds a new style of decals that previously wasn't available on Kids Decal Corner. These kids decals are simple, but very trendy and a bit more on the modern side. Not to mention, they are nicely gender neutral... great for boy or girl rooms! These baby wall stickers are from a new company called Coolil. It's an American company that sells Israeli based products. This is what's available now, and there will be  more great products coming!

Here's a sampling of what we've added:
baby wall stickers; kids-decal-noah-boat-blue
This Noah's Ark is available in Red boat or Blue Boat.

baby wall stickers; kids-decal-train

baby wall stickers; kids-decal-my-little-garden-1

Baby wall stickers; kids-decal-owl-on-a-tile
baby wall stickers; kids-decal-party-animal-red
This cute little Animal Party Kids Decal is available in Red, Blue or Green!

Just a little reminder... we sell Gift Cards at Kids Decal Corner! So if you know of a new Mom that's in the process of decorating her nursery, this would be a great way, not only show your love and support, but it will give her more time to rest up before Baby comes! Why? Because these baby wall stickers can be applied in minutes and make a great addition to the "Cuteness Factor" of a room!

Hope you enjoy this new line of products!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kickin' Off College Ball With Kids Decals!

Last Thursday was College Kickoff and at Kids Decal Corner, we say "Let the games begin!" We just wanted to send out a quick reminder of the very cool sports wall stickers we have for College Teams!

Starting with the Sports Wall Sticker Borders - They are official Logo Peel and Stick Borders for only $26.95. They all measure 5 inches wide by 5 yards long! Great for one wall or the whole room. They can be cut to perfectly fit any room! These removable sports wall stickers are great for college dorm decor... or for decorating an office or work cubicle!

college sports wall stickers

Next we have the College Sports Wall Stickers, but they aren't just for walls!!! Stick kids decals to any smooth surface... lockers, desks, furniture, mirrors.... even cars! Show your team pride in minutes and for only $14.95!!!
college sports wall stickers
And last but not least... we have college sports wall stickers laptop skins.... for only $11.95!
college sports wall stickers

Keep your eyes open... Sports Wall Stickers Sale coming! Get your team spirit on with these great college decals! Just a little hint... these decals make great gifts too!

Oh, yeah, if you don't see the College Team that you love at Kids Decal Corner, please click on the "Special Request" icon and let me know what you're looking for. We're always adding new items to our database, so it may very well be that we didn't get to your special team yet! Just let us know, and we'll help you find your team!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids Decal Corner Brings You Simple Stripes Color Bands!!!

Simple Stripes Kids Decals - boys

I am very excited to bring you this post on our new "members" at Kids Decal Corner... (drum roll please )....
Simple Stripes Color Bands!
I mentioned them in my last blog post and so here is the nitty-gritty on Simple Stripes.
These Color Bands are made of the same magical vinyl that our other kids decals are made of, making them peel and stick, removable (without pulling paint and or leaving behind a sticky residue) and reusable! Use 1 stripe or 3... place them horizontally, diagonally or vertically or overlap them for a really fun look!
Simple Stripe Color Band Kids Decals room-1
No more messy paint, No more sticky tape!!!

If you're anything like me, I love to add character to walls with coordinating stripes. But, let's face it, that takes time and tedious detail... not to mention the frustration when your stripe "bleeds". For a very affordable price, you can save yourself the headache and still have an amazing room! Each of the Simple Stripe Color Bands are a standard size of 3.5 inches wide by 12 feet long! And only ringing it at a"whopping" price of  $7.95!!! (note my sarcasm). Now, that's something to get excited about!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-7

These Color Bands can be cut to any length to perfectly fit any size room you throw them in! You can even cut them in width, giving a variation of stripe widths! In the picture below, they used the golden yellow color band kids decal and the dark green color band kids decal. They cut the yellow in half (width wise) and nicely placed it above the green. See how much visual interest that adds to the walls. Painted half the wall a nice sage green and below a soft tan, then separated the colors with the Simple Stripe Color Bands. How cool is that?!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-6

Color Bands can also be cut on fun angles to "frame" in your favorite picture or kids decal. In the picture below they used the Team Color Bands Red/ Dark Blue Kids Decals and paired them with the Sudden Shadows Soccer Player Kids Decal. See how they cut that cool angle on the ends! The options are really only limited by your imagination!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-5

The other nice feature of these Color Bands, is they come in Team Color sets. Meaning... if your school team colors are red and black, you can get a Team Color set that gives you 1 red band and 1 black band. When you buy the team color sets, you save some money, because they only cost $14.95 for the set!

Football combo kids decalI can't help but mention that with NFL Kickoff on the 9th of September and College Kickoff last night... this would be a great way to dress up your TV room or fan-lover's bedroom! All the NFL team colors are listed on Kids Decal Corner! And I'm sure you'd find the college team's colors there too! PLUS... if you can't find the colors you're looking for... please click the "Special Request" icon on the page and let me know what you're looking for! I'd be glad to check into that for you!!
Pair the Team Color Bands with the Football Sudden Shadows Kids Decal Mural (includes the Running Back and Tackle).

Well, I hope you're just as excited about this new addition to our Kids Decal family as I am.. the possibilities are endless and I can't wait to try them out in my own house!! Like always, I love to hear from you... so please send me any pictures of your latest decorating projects.. .especially if you've used the decals from our store!  Happy decorating and Happy Labor Day!!!