Friday, September 3, 2010

Kids Decal Corner Brings You Simple Stripes Color Bands!!!

Simple Stripes Kids Decals - boys

I am very excited to bring you this post on our new "members" at Kids Decal Corner... (drum roll please )....
Simple Stripes Color Bands!
I mentioned them in my last blog post and so here is the nitty-gritty on Simple Stripes.
These Color Bands are made of the same magical vinyl that our other kids decals are made of, making them peel and stick, removable (without pulling paint and or leaving behind a sticky residue) and reusable! Use 1 stripe or 3... place them horizontally, diagonally or vertically or overlap them for a really fun look!
Simple Stripe Color Band Kids Decals room-1
No more messy paint, No more sticky tape!!!

If you're anything like me, I love to add character to walls with coordinating stripes. But, let's face it, that takes time and tedious detail... not to mention the frustration when your stripe "bleeds". For a very affordable price, you can save yourself the headache and still have an amazing room! Each of the Simple Stripe Color Bands are a standard size of 3.5 inches wide by 12 feet long! And only ringing it at a"whopping" price of  $7.95!!! (note my sarcasm). Now, that's something to get excited about!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-7

These Color Bands can be cut to any length to perfectly fit any size room you throw them in! You can even cut them in width, giving a variation of stripe widths! In the picture below, they used the golden yellow color band kids decal and the dark green color band kids decal. They cut the yellow in half (width wise) and nicely placed it above the green. See how much visual interest that adds to the walls. Painted half the wall a nice sage green and below a soft tan, then separated the colors with the Simple Stripe Color Bands. How cool is that?!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-6

Color Bands can also be cut on fun angles to "frame" in your favorite picture or kids decal. In the picture below they used the Team Color Bands Red/ Dark Blue Kids Decals and paired them with the Sudden Shadows Soccer Player Kids Decal. See how they cut that cool angle on the ends! The options are really only limited by your imagination!
Simple Stripes Kids Decals room-5

The other nice feature of these Color Bands, is they come in Team Color sets. Meaning... if your school team colors are red and black, you can get a Team Color set that gives you 1 red band and 1 black band. When you buy the team color sets, you save some money, because they only cost $14.95 for the set!

Football combo kids decalI can't help but mention that with NFL Kickoff on the 9th of September and College Kickoff last night... this would be a great way to dress up your TV room or fan-lover's bedroom! All the NFL team colors are listed on Kids Decal Corner! And I'm sure you'd find the college team's colors there too! PLUS... if you can't find the colors you're looking for... please click the "Special Request" icon on the page and let me know what you're looking for! I'd be glad to check into that for you!!
Pair the Team Color Bands with the Football Sudden Shadows Kids Decal Mural (includes the Running Back and Tackle).

Well, I hope you're just as excited about this new addition to our Kids Decal family as I am.. the possibilities are endless and I can't wait to try them out in my own house!! Like always, I love to hear from you... so please send me any pictures of your latest decorating projects.. .especially if you've used the decals from our store!  Happy decorating and Happy Labor Day!!! 

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