Monday, August 30, 2010

Gettin' Your Team Spirit on with Kids Decals!

Now that the kids are back in school and the weather is turning cooler....  it's time to turn our attention to ...

     FOOTBALL Season!!!!

If your family is anything like mine, I've been hearing lots of chatter between my husband and sons on who the top picks are for fantasy football and speculating on which teams will have a good year. I really didn't care two hoots about football before I met my husband. But I'm happy to report that I actually enjoy watching a game with him now(instead of just enduring it !). It's a great family bonding event!

At Kids Decal Corner, we're here to help you get your team spirit on for 2010!!!

A few thought on how you can use our products:

1. Because our kids decals are removable and reusable... don't hesitate to display them in your family room, or office or your "Man's Cave" just for the season or game! As a woman, I understand that football decals and team color bands might not be in your design plan for the whole year! But, because of the versatile nature of these decals, you can make the football fans in your family very happy and keep your sense of style and design. Put up the sports wall stickers for the few months of the season or for the Sunday game, and then take them back down when the season or game is over!
A few suggestions on placement: Try sticking them to the kitchen wall where you display all yummy football watchin' treats. They're great for Sunday Football parties! As well, I bet you'd get a lot of cheers if you hung them over your flat screen tv!

2. We have a few different ways that you can celebrate your team pride this season.
First... Our Logo certified peel and stick sports borders. These are available for most of the teams in the NFL, however I just listed the most popular teams (for the sake of time). If you don't see your team's border, please click on the "Special Request" icon and let me know what you're looking for. I'd be most happy to add it for you if I can!

The borders are 5 inches high and 5 yards long, and cost $26.95.

A helpful hint: ALWAYS keep the silicone backing that these borders come on, so you can safely store them from one season to the next... enjoying many football parties and victories!

Second... We've just added Sports Team Color Bands. The brand is Simple Stripes. These color bands are really, really cool. They're peel and stick, but are able to be cut and can be mix and matched to form all kinds of cool wall designs. For more on how to use these Simple Stripes tune in at the end of this week, I'm planning a blog post just on this category - they're that cool!

But for the purpose of this post, we'll just be focusing on the team colors. Hopefully this won't cause you to boycott Kids Decal Corner, but we're Cowboys fans around here. For sake of loyalties I'll be using their team colors for this demonstration.

I suggest using your favorite Team Color Bands along with your favorite Sports Icon Sudden Shadow to create a truly dramatic wall design. Now this combo is cool enough you might just want to keep it up all year long!

The Simple Stripes Team Color Bands are sold for $14.95 (1 band in each color) and if you buy the Sudden Shadows Kids Decal Mural you can save money and only spend $35.95 for both the Running Back and the Tackle! So, for less than $50 you can have a Team room make over and make your football fans really happy!

I hope this blog post on our sports wall stickers is helpful and gives you some ideas on how you can create a great environment to cheer on your team this season while enjoying the company of family and friends! Here's Kids Decal Corner wishing you a great football season!

Stay tuned to see what we offer for our College Football Sports wall stickers.... coming next week!

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