Monday, August 23, 2010

Kids Decals Help You Get Organized for School!

With school starting up, here at Kids Decal Corner we thought it would be fun to find some creative ways to use some of our kids decals. What immediately came to mind? Using chalkboard and whiteboard decals to get organized for school! Whether you're the kid or the mom, being organized is crucial. Not to mention, who doesn't like to get those necessary things accomplished creatively and with fun, while staying on a thin budget?! So here's what we have cooked up this week for Project Runway Monday...

* How to make pen, pencil, and scissors holders out of cleaned up empty soup cans
*How to make magazine, folder, and loose paper holders out of empty cereal boxes
*How to display schedules and homework assignments on the wall
*How to keep the odds and ends tidy and organized
Before we get started, here is a great website with easy-to-follow instructions for most of these crafts. Please check it out...they have other great ideas too! Many of our instructions come from here.

Utensil HolderOffice Cork- make them neutral with corkboard or colorful with your favorite fabric!

Soup can, label removed and thoroughly washed
Corkboard (and fabric if you like)
Craft knife
Hot glue gun
iron (if using fabric)
fabric glue (if using fabric)
paint brush (if using fabric)


Tip: Attach quick reminder notes or small photos of loved ones to your utensil holder with fabric pins for a personalized touch. (If you're not going to pin photos and notes to your utensil holder, you don't need to put a layer of corkboard beneath fabric).

Tip: You can cut the chalkboard stickers to size and wrap it around your utensil cup, big enough for a favorite quote or just to write something like "pencils and markers", etc.

Paperwork OrganizerOffice Holder- suggested things to fill the boxes with: notebooks, folders, homework "to do" and homework "done", loose paper for young kids' projects

Cardboard cereal box, cracker boxes, dishwasher powder boxes, etc.
Craft knife or scissors
3-4 sheets decorative paper, 8 1/2” x 11” or larger (or fabric)
Decoupage or fabric glue
Kids Decal Corner chalkboard stickers

1. Starting at the top corner of your cereal box, use your ruler and pencil to make a mark 4” down.
2. Hold one end of your ruler at the top corner of the box (side opposite the pencil mark), then stretch the ruler diagonally across the box so it connects to the mark. Draw a line with your pencil, then repeat on the other side of the box.
3. Use your craft knife to cut off the top of the box along the lines, and use your ruler to cut straight lines!
4. Lay your decorative paper or fabric, pattern side-down, on a clean work surface and place the box on top of it. Trace each side of the box, including both spines, onto a sheet of paper or your fabric.
5. Apply the appropriate glue to your box, one side at a time, in a smooth, even coat with your paintbrush.
6. Attach the pieces of paper to each side of the box, gently smoothing away wrinkles with clean fingers. Use your craft knife to trim away too-long or crooked edges.
7. Cut your chalkboard kids decal down to size to make a label so you have approximately 1/2" on each side of the label between the label and the side of the box. Write your specific organizer's purpose on each label before attaching it to your box according to the decal's instructions. Make sure to attach each label at the same height of each box to give a uniform look, especially if these new organizers will be standing next to each other.

Mini Bulletin BoardOffice Clipboard- you can purchase cheap clipboards at dollar stores, office max, and places like that for under $1 each!

1 sheet decorative paper, 8 1/2” x 14” or larger
Craft knife
Decoupage glue
Kids Decal Corner chalkboard stickers

1. Lay your paper, pattern side-down, on a clean work surface, then place your clipboard on top of it and trace its shape with your pencil.
2. Cut along the lines with your craft knife.Use your paintbrush to apply a smooth, even layer of decoupage glue to the front side of your clipboard.
3. Attach the paper to the clipboard, smoothing away wrinkles with clean hands. Cut away excess paper around the metal clip with your craft knife.
4. Apply a second thin coat of glue on the top of the paper to create a seal. Let dry, then hang the clipboards on large nails or hooks.
5. Label clipboard with a cut-to-size chalkboard decal, centered from left to right and positioned just 1/2 inch below the bottom edge. Decal label should be at least 4inches wide. Label could say "Homework Assignments", "Notes from Teachers", "Schedule", etc. You can make as many as you like! Try hanging four or five clipboards in a row over your desk, mixing and matching paper patterns and colors to make a statement.

Framed Chalkboard
Empty picture frame (whichever size best fits your space)
Kids Decal Corner chalkboard or white board decal
2 small nails

1. Hold your empty frame on the wall where you want to hang it and with a pencil draw a line behind to bottom of the top edge of the frame.
2. With your ruler, measure the width of each edge of the frame, then mark that distance on your line drawn on the wall. Check this line with your level to make sure it's level.
3. Gently hammer two small picture nails along the line, one at each marking from the width of the frame.
4. Hang your frame to make sure it hangs (and your nails got put in straight) level.
5. Take the frame back off the wall. Lay your frame over top of your decal and mark just inside its borders.
6. Take away the frame and cut the decal to size and adhere to your wall space where the frame will be hanging.
7. Hang your frame and enjoy your new framed chalkboard!

Small Items Organizer- You can put things like erasers, paper clips, rubber bands, and don't forget chalk inside each container!

Tuna cans, label removed and thoroughly washed
Decorative scrapbook paper

Decoupage glue
paint brush

1. Measure height of tuna can from bottom edge to top just under the rim around the top. Measure around the can.
2. Transfer measurements to the backside of your papers and cut them to size.
3. Spread glue evenly over tuna cans, one at a time, and put paper strip over the glue. Hold until glue is partially dry and the paper stays in place when you take your fingers away. Repeat this with each of your cans.
4. Organize your odds and ends and put them in your cans. You can display the cans on top of your desk, on top of a shelf hanging on the wall above the desk, or inside a drawer.

What's great about these projects, is most people already have all or most of the materials sitting around in their house. Just add the chalkboard stickers, or the dry erase kids decals, for around $20 each, and you've got a completely personalized and new and efficient way of organizing your life and your child's life! Try it out and let us know how it works! We love to hear from our readers and customers!

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