Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids Decal Corner Adds New Sports Section!

I'm not naturally a big sports fanatic, but the people I love the most in life, are! So, out of love for them, I've grown in an appreciation for sports and can sometimes impress my 14 year old step-son with naming off a few important players. That always makes my day!

So this NEW section, on Kids Decal Corner, is dedicated to the men in my life who love all things with balls, bats, sticks, and such... even my littlest "man" (who is only 4) loves to play baseball, football, hockey. He's always asking me "What's your favorite 'fan', Mom?" He means, who's my favorite team. I love it!

So here's a big "Go Team" to send off our new Sports Wall Stickers section on Kids Decal Corner!

First I've added kids decal wall borders for the popular teams in the NFL, MLB and College Sports. Each category has its own page. I had my husband help me pick out the most popular teams, but I want YOU to know that, if there is a team that you love and don't see in Kids Decal Corner, PLEASE email me your request at I very easily may be able to find it and offer it to you! We want to keep our customer happy at Kids Decal Corner!

  For the NFL, here are a few samplings of the items we are carrying:
  These are wall borders that measure 5 inches high by 5 feet long. These borders are removable and reusable as well. A fun idea is to use them for your Team Parties!Cheer on your favorite team and then when the party's over or the season's finished... peel off the border, replace it onto the silicone backing and save it for next year!

For the MLB section we have:

    The rivaling teams Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees and many others. As well, these are kids decal wall borders.


 Our College Sports section gets a bit more diverse. We offer the wall border, kids decals that can be placed on CARS, LOCKERS, LAPTOPS, walls, mirrors, furniture... you name... if it's flat and dry and clean... it will stick! These decals are even proven to withstand the car wash! Along with the border and kids decals, we offer Laptop Skins! How cool would it be to send your graduating teen off to college with their college's team emblem. I'd say that would earn you some serious "brownie points"!
Here's the wall border. Again measuring 5 inches high by 5 feet long!
Here's the Kids decals....

And finally... the Laptop Skin!
Come and check out all the new teams that have joined the pages of so you can properly display your team pride this season!

 I've also added a new product line called Sudden Shadows. They are really cool kids decals. They are just like all our other decals, made of thin, flexible vinyl but they have a special translucent quality allowing your wall color to shine through behind them.... thus the name... Sudden Shadow. I think you'll fall in love with them as much as I did. So here's a sample...

I'll share more about these next week... so stay tuned in :)

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