Friday, December 10, 2010

Gettin' Christmas Crafty With Childrens Wall Stickers - Project # 3

Snowflake Candles!!
Here is our final ( and easiest ) Christmas Crafty project using the Let it Snow Kids Decals.
 This would be a great project for even your toddlers to help with.. it's that easy!

All I did was apply the snowflake decals to white candles. No glue, No mess, No paint... it was that fast and simple!
I suggest using white or cream candles simply because you don't notice the edge of the decal this way. If you go with a darker candle, you will likely see the edges of your decal. 

I think these candles turned out well enough that they would even make a great gift set for a friend or family member! 

This project would work great with the Glitter Snowflakes too!
The other thing I like about these candles, is they're not super Christmasy, so you could easily keep them on display well into the winter months!

Well, folks, that's all the ideas I have for this year! These childrens wall stickers are available for purchase at Kids Decal Corner... Get your orders in while supplies last!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Need A Gift for Your Sports Fans.... Try our NEW Fathead Jr's Sports Wall Stickers

New to Kids Decal Corner.... Fathead Jr's. Sports Wall Stickers!!!
 These smaller than life -size (averaging between 3-4 feet tall ) Fathead Jr.'s are a great gift idea for the sports enthusiasts on your Christmas list this year!!!

Fatheads have a great reputation and are usually life -size.... meaning you'd better have a big wall and some extra cash on hand. But with the Fathead Jr's you get the same great graphic quality for a better price and to fit a more average room size/ space!

These sports wall stickers are easy to apply; simply peel them off the backing... apply to the wall and smooth out any wrinkles. They are removable and easy on your walls... leaving no sticky residue behind and all the paint intact! You can even reuse them in a different room or space!

At Kids Decal Corner, we offer all the Fathead Jr's available for NFL and MLB. Even some cool logo decals.  All for the very affordable price of $42.95!!

Now this is a gift that can keep on giving for years to come! Happy Shopping!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin' Christmas Crafty With Childrens Wall Stickers - Project 2

Kid's Christmas Garland

Here is project # 2 using the same holiday childrens wall stickers from last week.  Like I've said in so many of my posts, these decals aren't just wall stickers for kids, but can be used in so many fun and creative ways!

This is how I made the garland. This craft project would be great for kids 5 and older.

1. Supplies:
Kids foam sheets in white, red and light green. I purchased these for a few dollars at AC Moore.
Glitter Glue
Ribbon, Jute, Sparkly Star Garland
Mini Clothes Pins
Let it Snow Kids Decals
Hot glue gun

2. I applied the stocking and ornament decals to the foam sheets.
Cut out the foam to match the shape of the decal.
I learned the hard way that after applying the glitter glue, it pulled the edges of the decal off the foam backing. I suggest using either foam glue or a hot glue gun to lightly glue down the edges of your decals. This way as the glitter glue dries, it won't pull up the edges.

3. Decorate the decals with glitter glue, sequins, buttons, whatever your imagination comes up with.

4. Apply the decals to the garland ribbon/ jute with mini clothes pins.

5. Attach bows or tinsel or whatever to dress up the clothes pins.

6. Enjoy your kid-friendly Christmas Garland!
Stay tuned for the final ( and easiest ) project using the same set of decals... 
Happy Decorating!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gettin' Christmas Crafty With Childrens Wall Stickers!

It's always fun to get creative at the Holidays. Over the next week I want to show you 3 different KID FRIENDLY craft ideas, using the same set of holiday childrens wall stickers!

For our first idea... how about creative and PERSONALIZED GIFT BOXES!!

No more ordinary gift bags and wrapping paper...
Try giving your gifts in decorated boxes this year. Your kids will have a blast helping and your friends and family will be blessed by the extra thought (not money) that you put into their gift!

I started with:
3 stackable wooden boxes - bought at AC Moore for $3.50
1 set of the Let it Snow Kids Decals set for $14.95

Some spare craft paint and ribbon I had around the house.

Your kids will love helping to paint the boxes in fun and bright colors ...

Once the paint has dried, mix and match your childrens wall stickers till you're happy with what you've got!
You can embellish the boxes with ribbon, sequins, painted dots/ stripes/ ect.. Get as creative as you want!

Here's what I came up with...

You can have fun filling them with all kinds of goodies...
Give some cookies to your neighbors 
Share a favorite bag of coffee
Stuff the boxes with Christmas mints and candies
Fill the boxes with crayons or markers for little kiddos in your family

The list goes on.
Don't forget... this decal set is currently up for a FREE GIVEAWAY! See our last blog post to enter our fun Giveaway competition!

Happy creating and enjoy the process of teaching your children the joy of giving this holiday season!!!