Friday, December 10, 2010

Gettin' Christmas Crafty With Childrens Wall Stickers - Project # 3

Snowflake Candles!!
Here is our final ( and easiest ) Christmas Crafty project using the Let it Snow Kids Decals.
 This would be a great project for even your toddlers to help with.. it's that easy!

All I did was apply the snowflake decals to white candles. No glue, No mess, No paint... it was that fast and simple!
I suggest using white or cream candles simply because you don't notice the edge of the decal this way. If you go with a darker candle, you will likely see the edges of your decal. 

I think these candles turned out well enough that they would even make a great gift set for a friend or family member! 

This project would work great with the Glitter Snowflakes too!
The other thing I like about these candles, is they're not super Christmasy, so you could easily keep them on display well into the winter months!

Well, folks, that's all the ideas I have for this year! These childrens wall stickers are available for purchase at Kids Decal Corner... Get your orders in while supplies last!!

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