Monday, December 6, 2010

Gettin' Christmas Crafty With Childrens Wall Stickers - Project 2

Kid's Christmas Garland

Here is project # 2 using the same holiday childrens wall stickers from last week.  Like I've said in so many of my posts, these decals aren't just wall stickers for kids, but can be used in so many fun and creative ways!

This is how I made the garland. This craft project would be great for kids 5 and older.

1. Supplies:
Kids foam sheets in white, red and light green. I purchased these for a few dollars at AC Moore.
Glitter Glue
Ribbon, Jute, Sparkly Star Garland
Mini Clothes Pins
Let it Snow Kids Decals
Hot glue gun

2. I applied the stocking and ornament decals to the foam sheets.
Cut out the foam to match the shape of the decal.
I learned the hard way that after applying the glitter glue, it pulled the edges of the decal off the foam backing. I suggest using either foam glue or a hot glue gun to lightly glue down the edges of your decals. This way as the glitter glue dries, it won't pull up the edges.

3. Decorate the decals with glitter glue, sequins, buttons, whatever your imagination comes up with.

4. Apply the decals to the garland ribbon/ jute with mini clothes pins.

5. Attach bows or tinsel or whatever to dress up the clothes pins.

6. Enjoy your kid-friendly Christmas Garland!
Stay tuned for the final ( and easiest ) project using the same set of decals... 
Happy Decorating!!

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