Monday, September 20, 2010

Tinker Bell's At Kids Decal Corner!

tinker bell kids decal

If you're a fan of Magic ... especially Fairy Magic... You'll know that Disney's New  
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
is coming out on DVD and Blueray tomorrow,
September 21st!

This is a great movie for kids, and the kids at heart (like me). You can now bring the magic of Disney home with our adorable Giant Tinker Bell Kids Decal and the Disney Fairies Kids Decals! If your little girl loves Tinker Bell, she'll love having her giant glittering wings gracing her bedroom walls. Tinker Bell is almost 3 feet high when assembled and has glitter all over her wings!

You can also add Tinker Bells other Fairy Friends with our Disney Fairies Kids Decal set for only $14.95!
Not a bad price for all the magic you'll get with these sweet princess wall stickers!

disney fairies kids decals

Just in case you're not familiar with kids decals here's a quick list of why they're so great!:

1. Can be applied to any smooth, dry surface (furniture, walls, mirrors, lockers, desks, even bathrooms!)
2. Only takes MINUTES to assemble!
3. Removes without pulling paint or leaving a sticky residue!
4. Reusable... can be removed and reapplied countless times (don't be fooled by the cheap ones... you'll know the difference)!
5. Can be used to make adorable wall art... see our blog post for detailed tutorial!
6. When your child changes their mind about what's "IN"... its easy and inexpensive to update their living spaces when you use kids decals. Simply remove the "outdated" ones and apply the new ones... no paint, no weekend warrior projects. It's simple, fast and wallet friendly! Who doesn't like that?!

Well, happy shopping and bring a little magic home to your girls!

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