Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kids Decal Corner's NFL Lounge Room Mood Board

This month's mood board is focusing on football season. And the timing couldn't be better because here at Kids Decal Corner we're offering a great special to celebrate football season: $10 off purchase of $30 or more on NFL and college sports wall stickers! So here is just one of many ways to create some football hype around your house with our NFL Lounge Room Mood Board.

NFL gameroom
1. Let's start with the paint colors of the room. If you've looked at any of our other mood boards, you'll begin noticing a pattern...Behr Ultra Pure White. We recommend this white for the ceilings and trim to add a crispness to your room without having to worry about it clashing with your other colors.
2. Pick a wall to be your focal wall, and pain the other three walls Behr Ultra Grey Ghost. We picked grey because it's a great neutral color no matter which team you're rooting for and it will accent well with the shadow decals (#4) which we'll explain later.
3. We picked Behr Ultra Jet Black for the accent wall because it's one of the more decorating friendly colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team we used to decorate this lounge room with. You can change this accent wall to navy or any other color you want, as long as it hails your favorite NFL team!
4. These great translucent wall decals, Football Sudden Shadows Running Back and Tackle (29"x46" and 35"x44") make the perfect focal point for your accent wall. Just put them on your wall around your television (like in the mood board photo) to frame your television and you will have instant success in drawing your eyes to something interesting in the room that clearly sets the mood of the room. And to make it even better, you can purchase them at Kids Decal Corner for just $18.95 a piece, or even opt for a third option in buying the mural for $35.95
5. To use this next wall decal, we have three suggestions: go for the typical wall border and place it chair-rail height on the three grey walls (each decal is 5" high x 5 yards long); or, if you want to take the creativity to the next step, try putting it on your floor (if you have hardwood or other indoor/outdoor hard surface, that is) as a border around the entire room and seal up the job with a clear poly coat the keep the decals from wearing away as they get tread upon; and lastly, you could put it from corner to corner on your accent wall coming out from the shadow football player decals. No matter how you use this decal, the Pittsburgh Steelers Kids Decal Wall Border is only $26.95.
6. This beautiful halogen white credenza from CB2 provides the perfect mix of funcionality and style to make your lounge stylish sleek. Who says a game room or lounge has to be filled with the couches and coffee tables from the neighbor's curbside? This trim lined media storage center makes a great simple base for your tv and sets the stage for the rest of the furniture in the room in color and style.
7. While you're at CB2's website, pick up their go-cart two shelf table in white. It's easy to move out of the way for hyperactive guests and over-the-top half-time pastimes, and it offers lots of storage for sports memorabilia and magazines as well as all the delicacies that are so famously a part of all football watching gatherings. We suggest centering this coffee table between the right and left walls, paralleling the accent wall, between the couches and the tv.
8. Why not seal the deal to your football corner by anchoring the television watching area with a Steelers home field area rug. Try placing in a few inches under your couches and chairs and allow it to extend toward the tv until about 18-24 inches in front of the media center. The rug should extend out to the side of all of your seating by at least 6 inches, and ideally would end about 18 inches from those walls as well.
9. Spice up your seating with a dynamic duo of the Sfera Kids Lounge Chair. Place one at each upper corner of your rug to help define your seating area.
10. Show to everyone that your style is relaxed with a collection of bean bag chairs scattered around the perimeter of your rug, facing the tv. Just look around and you'll find any number of these chairs to fit your style and color fancy. They even come in a football shape!
11. Add these cool Vintage NFL Pennants to your lounge room. Try stringing them up beside each other from one corner of your accent wall to the other! Sports wouldn't be any fun without good opponents!
12. Official Logo Ricepaper Lanterns not only add some functionality, but add a festive, stylish touch to your lounge room decor! In this case, more is better! Try hanging them in pairs or groupings and at
different heights around your room.
13. Complete your lounge room with some Half-time Fun ... The NFL Football Toss Tailgating Game. Encourage your sports fans to engage in their own friendly competition with this fun toss game! This game is great because it can easily be stored in a closet between games or events, if need be.

Well, that's a wrap! I'm sure this has gotten your imagination pumping... we'd love to see your pictures of the NFL Lounge Room you create! And remember, Kids Decal Corner is running a SALE from now till September 24th... Don't miss this great opportunity to spruce up your TV room with some sports wall stickers!

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