Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Decals Scroll Tree : Mood Board # 2

1. This girl's mood board is based around the very adorable Scroll Tree Kids Decal , sold at Kids Decal Corner, for the affordable price of $ 41.95
These particular kids decals have 80 pieces and when assembled the tree stands 64"x 58"!!
What I have pictured in my mind is to use this decal in one of three ways:
  1. As the focal point on a plain wall. Couple the chair (#12), the hanging lamp (#11) and the little table (#14). You could sit the chair under the bowing branches of the tree and sit the table beside it. This would make a nice grouping.
  2. You could position the kids decals so that it's branches flow over the headboard of the bed (#5).
  3. Last idea is to position the decal so that it looks like it's growing up beside the dresser... again, with the branches flowing above it. 
You'll have to decide what works best with the layout of your room.

2. Paint colors: This is the fun part!!! I suggest painting 3 of the 4 walls this color, called Soft Pink from Behr (found at your local Home Depot).
3. Use this color to paint ceiling and trim: Behr's Ultra Pure White. I suggest using a semi-gloss finish for trim and a satin for the ceiling.
4. Use this flashy color, Sexy Pink from Behr, on your 4th wall. I would use this either behind the bed or on the wall with the chair.
5. I think this cottage style headboard goes nicely with the laid back feel of the decor'. It is from Pottery Barn Kids, called the Catalina Bed
6. This bedding is absolutely adorable!!! It's the Brooke Quilted Bedding collection from Pottery Barn Kids.  I don't think there could be bedding that coordinates better!!!
7. The Brooke Sheeting, from PBK (Pottery Barn Kids) is just as cute.
8. These little owls are my personal favorite!!! Meet Penny and Joy Plush Owls from PBK. I would buy plenty of these cute creatures, so you have some for the bed as well as the chair!
9. Fill your bed with the Brooke Decorative Sham (smaller owl pillow ) and the Euro or Small Quilted Shams.
10. This is a picture of an idea for adding a fun and decorative touch to the walls without the mural. Take a circular object and create a scalloped edge along the top of the wall with the Sexy Pink paint color. I would suggest NOT putting this scallop on the wall with the decal, simply because I think it would look too busy. Many times, keeping it simple is best!
11. This hanging lamp in the Cotton Duck Drum Shade Pendant from Shades of Light in the Green. I envision this lamp either hanging with the chair and side table or beside the bed, coupled with the little table (#14).
12. Every room needs a place to recline and encourage snuggle and reading time. If your child is younger and you still rock her, I suggest this Eco Friendly Grand Glider and Rocker from PBK. It comes in many colors, but I thought it best to, again, go simple and keep it a soft but durable white cotton twill.  As your child gets older, you might want to consider replacing the recliner with a kid's size stuffed chair.
13. For a little foot comfort, try this solid chenille oval rug from PBK . You can get it to fit the size of your room. I suggest placing it at the seating area or beside/under the bed. Rugs are a great way to draw the eye to the focal points of the room and grounding your furniture. You can even use rugs over top carpet, as long as your carpet is a light and neutral color!
14. I always like to have a small table in a room to either place beside the bed or chair. You can fill this cute little Flower Accent Table from PBK with books and pictures. It is a general rule of "decorator's thumb" to group in odd numbers, and this little table makes for many options!
15. Last, but not least, is the low but long dresser from PBK. It's the same collection as the bed, called the Catalina Extra Wide Dresser.

Well, folks, that concludes our Mood Board #2  using kids decals from, for today! I hope this gives you many ideas to run with. Remember, these items are meant to provide a spring board for your imagination. Obviously, there are many different shapes of rooms, many different budgets and we all have our own unique taste for design. So use these pictures as a guide to find what's perfect for your room, taste and budget!

Have fun and by all means... send us pictures of the masterpiece you created!!!

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