Friday, July 8, 2011

Transform Your Room With Your FavoriteTransformers Decal!

Now showing in theaters....
Transformers... Dark of the Moon!
If you're a big Transformers fan, you'll love our removable, reusable and easy to apply vinyl Transformers decals!
Bumble Bee... who's larger than life presence will catch everyone's attention!

Optimus Prime commands authority while standing over 3 feet tall!
And all NEW to Kids Decal Corner are the Dark of the Moon Transformers Decal packet with 23 decals!
You can do a BIG room makeover with our 6'x10.5' Wallpaper Decal... check it out!!! It's more impressive than you can imagine.
So whether or not you're a big kid or little kid... these bigger than life decals will make an even bigger impression on your walls!
Enjoy the new drama!!

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