Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make Halloween Luminaries With Kids Decals!

Halloween Kids Decals

Make these fun and spooky luminaries to light up your night of trick -r-treat!

This past week when I got my Taste of Home Cooking Magazine, I saw they had this cute idea of how to make luminaries with some old glass jars, tissue paper, decoupage glue and ribbon. I adapted it a bit and included some really adorable Halloween Kids Decals.

Here's the simple directions on how I made these (by the way.. it took less than an hour to make 4 luminaries)
1. Gather your supplies:
         glass jars - varying sizes
         tissue paper
         decoupage glue - like Mod Podge (If you don't have any of this, you can use equal parts of Elmer's glue and water to make your own paste )
         paint brush
         Halloween kids decals

2. Using your decoupage paste, cover the jar with a light layer of glue.
Gently press strips of tissue paper onto the glue. It works best to overlap a few layers. Fold the paper over the top edge - making sure it's pasted down... and the bottom. I trimmed up the top edge of paper before I glued it down.
Allow the paper/glue to dry.

 3. Put ribbon or jute around the neck of the jar.

4. Once the jars are dry, place the decals on the them.

5. Place tea lights inside the jars, light, enjoy.

Here's pics of the spooky little luminaries that I made with my kiddos!
Halloween Kids Decals

Halloween Kids Decals

Halloween Kids Decals

Halloween Kids Decals

Halloween Kids Decals

Order your Halloween Kids Decals today! This is a great way to make some fun memories with your kids! Even if your budget is tight, this is a super cheap way to add some Halloween spooky to your front porch and put a smile on your kids and all the trick-r-treaters!
The great thing about using decals, is you can peel them off the jars and use them in many different ways for years to come.

I like to give credit where credit is due... so thank you Taste of Home Cooking Magazine for the inspiration. If you want to see the original idea, here's the link.

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