Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaching??? Alphabet Wall Stickers Are Just the Beginning...

Are you a teacher? Maybe you're a homeschooling Mom. Or, maybe you're a little of both and want to give your kids a head start on learning. If so, I think you'll be excited to see the NEW peel and stick, educational kids decals that are available now at Kids Decal Corner!

Between chalkboard stickers and USA / world maps and dry-erase calendars...

 Alphabet wall stickers are just the beginning to all the fun kids can have while learning!

Here are some of my favorites:
This interactive USA map has peel and stick states to help kids learn all 50 states of our great, big United States :)
The individual states can be stuck and re-stuck over and over without loosing their sticky. The repetition is a wonderful asset to learning.
This particular United States Map Kids Decal is 28x18 inches. A removable, re-usable teaching tool.

Measuring 24x36 inches, both the United States map and the World map are both dry-erase! What's not to love??
These maps are great not only for schools, but for homeschooling, offices, libraries, cafes or just for cool wall decor in your den!

Speaking of dry-erase, this packed of dry-erase kids decals are sold 3 per pack, measuring 9x13 inches. Great again for anywhere you are teaching or kids need to practice penmanship or older kids need to keep track of their school assignments or sports schedules. We have a variety of dry-erase products; come check them out. You won't be sorry!!

Need to teach your toddlers their ABC's or numbers... we have lots of alphabet wall stickers to fit just about any style and taste! Here are the most popular decals:

And here is my personal favorite:

I have these Colorful Alphabet Wall Stickers in my house - they're amazingly durable and adorable!!! My kids love them.

Well, that's what's NEW and exciting at Kids Decal Corner, in the educational department! So to all the teachers and teaching moms .... Happy Teaching :)

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