Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New XL Wallpaper Decals At Kids Decal Corner!

Transform your child's bedroom, play room or school room in minutes and with little effort when you use... 

pooh and friends wallpaper decals
Large murals are an ever growing trend in decorating... just watch HGTV or Ultimate Home Makeover Sunday nights and you'll see what I'm talking about. Murals transform a room like nothing else!
There are a few ways to get an impressive mural on your wall. You could pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a professional, hand painted mural, you could paint one yourself - which is very time consuming and not all of us are artistically talented. Or, you could use a vinyl coated XL wallpaper mural - which is both time saving and affordable!

The XL Wallpaper Decals/Murals that we sell at Kids Decal Corner, are made by Roommates. They are  chair-rail size and measure 6 feet high by 10.5 feet wide! Unlike our peel and stick kids decals, these murals are not peel and stick or reusable, but they are easily applied and just as easily removed.
The murals come in pre-pasted sheets of vinyl coated paper. Simply cut along the dotted lines, to form long strips, place the strips (one at a time) in warm water and apply to the wall, smoothing out the bubbles and ripples with a soft wallpaper brush. That's it! No artistic talent needed, No lengthy project, No costly bill!

You can expect to have your room transformation completed in less than an hour!! How's that for time efficient?!

disney dancing princess wallpaper decals

What is super cool about these murals, is they are made to coordinate with the peel and stick kids decals for a complete room makeover! All of the wallpaper decals you find at Kids Decal Corner, have matching peel and stick decals to apply in the other smaller places of your room. Or you could make your own complimentary art work (Check out this blog post for detailed tutorial on how to do this)!

princess and frog wallpaper decals

All our wallpaper decals are sold for $164.95! They do take a bit longer to process and ship... but since your order would be over $75.00... you would get FREE SHIPPING (within the continental US).

mickey mouse wallpaper decals

Below is an informative video by Roommates, showing the step by step process of applying these fabulous XL Wallpaper decals! When you're ready to transform your kids room, keep us in mind at http://www.kidsdeclacorner.com! We promise, you won't be disappointed!

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