Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Room Ideas Made Simple with Nursery Wall Decals

One of my goals for this new year is to share blog posts of Inspiration... instead of just decal related material. However, I can't help but seeing (and suggesting) how childrens wall stickers and mural stencils can make your decorating projects faster and easier and oh so stylish!

This post's inspiration comes from Better Homes & Gardens picture/article entitled, Baby Room Details. Check out the link for the full story and lots of great pictures and ideas!

Baby rooms are so much fun to design and decorate, however there are lots of points to consider while you're brainstorming. This article is helpful in highlighting the useful, organizational, and decorative elements to a nursery.

Here's a few ideas I thought were most helpful:
  • Baskets and even towers of baskets are a great way to not only store all the items a baby needs, but they add a fun and decorative element to the room. My suggestion: Use chalkboard stickers (cut to fit a cardboard or wooden plaque) to label what's inside each basket. Attach them with coordinating ribbon. Because chalkboard stickers can be cleaned and reused, it makes it easy to change the contents of the basket and still stay organized, especially as the child grows and you need the baskets for toys instead of blankets or diapers :)
  • It doesn't have to be expensive to decorate a nursery.... in this article they suggested framing simple childrens art. I like the idea of creating themed art with the use of nursery wall decals. Check out this old blog post for making your own art using decals.
  • Pick out furniture that will grow with your baby. Corner cupboards or armoires are great for storing the necessities for babies and yet they are versatile as the child grows. Consider how you can personalize and decorate these pieces ... try painting the back panel of the armoire a coordinating color or paint the nobs of a dresser or even monogram a headboard. If its too scary to use paint, try our peel and stick monogram nursery wall decals!
Framed art... or try making your own using nursery wall decals.

Dress up your dresser or changing table by painting the knobs!
Well, folks, hope you enjoyed this little post of inspiration :) Don't forget to check out the link for more great ideas! Happy brainstorming!!! And as always, we love to hear your comments or questions here at Kids Decal Corner!

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