Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Reviews: Sesame Street is Coming to Kids Decal Corner

" Sunny Days... Keeping the clouds away.... 
Can you tell me how to get.... How to get to ...
Sesame Street!"
 All your favorite Sesame Street Characters are coming to Kids Decal Corner! These giant friends from Sesame Street can make a BIG impact to any room decor.  At 6 feet tall, Big Bird can bring a smile to your child's face and help him feel that he's always got a friend in his room! Whether you use these furry characters by themselves or create your own sesame street by using the whole gang of them.... you can easily design a room full of fun and color with these simple and affordable peel and stick kids decals.

Another fun place to stick these famous friends would be a toy room or learning room. Sesame Street is all about learning, so why not include these furry friends in your child's learning environment! A great addition to this learning theme, would be to include our Colorful Alphabet Wall Stickers! Or the Educational Alphabet Wall Stickers which offer an object for every letter of the alphabet and numbers too. Because these kids decals are peel and stick, repositionable and reusable.... they're a great hands - on way for your child to learn their ABCs.

What little girl doesn't like a little fairy magic on her wall? In the sweet colors of lavender and teal... Abby Cadabby brings lots of charm to the wall and room decor. At nearly two feet tall, she's a great addition beside a bed or "standing" on a dresser or tucked beside the door.

I think many people find painting and room designing a scary adventure, because " What if I don't like it?" ... "What if I picked the wrong thing?"... the thoughts of doubt just keep coming. If you're one of these people who finds designing a scary proposition.... and instead of doing something you're not sure of, you just don't do anything at all..... These kids decals are just the thing for you! But don't keep taking my word for it. I'll garauntee that when you buy your first kids decal ... it won't be your last! They're fail - proof! If you're not sure what color you want to paint the walls ... just take your decal along to the paint store and you can match the colors. If you're not sure about bedding, again tuck these decals in your bag and you can make sure that these childrens wall stickers will match.
If you're looking for coordinating wall decor... try using a combination of the giant kids decals plus the border. Its a simple solution to a great room. The border is 5" high and 5 yards long. Its easily cut to fit the size of your room.

And don't forget.... these kids decals aren't just stickers for walls. They can be used on any hard surface....
  • Furniture
  • Mirrors
  • Doors
  • Windows
For a fun project, try using the Sesame Street Kids Decals to make your child's own personalized art. See the Getting Creative section at or scroll down and check out my last post, Project - Runway Monday; Alphabet Wall Stickers Part 1. In that post, I show and explain how you can make some really fun canvas wall art using these versatile kids decals.

As always... I'd love to see your creations! Don't let fear hold you back.... Let loose, have some fun and you'll be surprised just how great your room can look when you use these Fail-Proof Childrens Wall Stickers! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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