Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mood Board Creations Using Paint by Number Wall Murals

What are Mood Boards?!! They are an ingenious way of planning the design of a room! It helps to be able to visualize what your room will look like before you actually spend a penny or open a paint can. 

My sister, Christa - who is my dear friend and a DIY Diva herself, thought it would be fun and helpful to you, our followers and customers, to put together Mood Boards that include the childrens wall stickers, mural stencils and paint by number wall murals that are sold at Kids Decal Corner. A fabulous idea, I thought!! 

So, thanks to her great idea, you can expect to see 1-2 mood boards a month coming down the Project Runway on Mondays! Each mood board will feature a decal or stencil and then the suggested decor ideas to go along with it. 

If you're someone who loves beautiful rooms, but gets paralized in the process of decorating because you can't visualize how to coordinate the wall decor with the bedding ... and the paint color ... and the curtains ... and the furniture ... and the rugs ... and the accessories (Sounds overwhelming just typing it all out!) .... then these mood boards are just for you!

Obviously, we are making suggestions in our decor ideas, based on our personal taste and experience in decorating. But our hope is that our ideas act as a spring board for you and your imagination! Feel free to tweak our ideas to fit your room, budget, and taste! These mood boards are meant to be helpful tools to get your creative juices running and give you some, not-so-conventional, ideas of how to use the amazing products we sell at http://www.kidsdecalcorner.com/.

Sooooo.... Without further delay.....

Introducing.... the First Mood Board of Kids Decal Corner!!!


1. This mood boards is designed around the Birch Trees Paint by Number Wall Murals

You can purchase this wall mural at Kids Decal Corner for just $69.95. As well, there are step by step instructions on how to paint this wall mural. Its a simple process of taping, tracing and painting!
We suggest painting this beautiful Birch Tree Mural on one of your four walls - preferably the biggest wall that could become your room's focal point!
2. Paint the mural wall Behr's Winding Path color. We suggest using a Satin or Semi-Gloss finish.
3. We suggest using Behr's Ultra Pure White for the ceilings and trim. Ceiling should be in a flat or satin finish; The trim in a semi-gloss or gloss finish.
4. The rest of the room's walls can be painted in Behr's Desert Plain. As well, use this color, Desert Plain, to paint the trees on your mural wall! 
5. The Rug is from Shades of Light. It is there Soho Dhurrie Rug in the Spa Blue color. If you have wooden floors this rug is a great option. Even if you have carpet, especially if its a light neutral tan or gray, this rug would still really set off the room. Rugs are a great way to visually draw your eye to the focal points of your room. For example, say you are putting your bed against the mural wall... then place your rug beside the bed or halfway under your bed... play around with it until it works for you!
6. Every room needs a little table.... We suggest a French Country Bedside Pedestal Accent Table in End White. 
7. For reclining and reading, try the West Elm Modern Weave Armchair
8. Shades of Light Blue Pendent Light. This would look great hanging in a three-some with the table and chair.
9. If you like to sew, #9 and 10 are suggested fabrics that would make great bed and chair pillows. This fabric is from European Linen in blue. This would also make beautiful curtains. I would suggest simple, long, unlined panels. You could use tabs to attach them to the curtain rod or curtain rings. I think something long and flowing would match the decor of this room best.
10. This fabric is from Waverly Berkley. Its their Striped Pear fabric. It's hard to give you a picture of this idea, but remember you can use a small section of your paint by number wall murals to trace onto the fabric. Use a coordinating dark or light gray fabric paint to create a simple and eloquent pillow that ties in your mural with the rest of your room.
11. For a stylish headboard, try the West Elm Overlapping Squares Twin Headboard. This bed says sophisticated and warm!
12. To tie it all together, DKNY offers a beautiful Oasis Duvet Cover

Hope this Mood Board to helpful! Thank you, Christa, for all your effort to bring us this sophisticated yet warm bedroom!


  1. I hope this gives moms out there ideas for a fun way to say "congratulations" to their graduating kids, whether it's from high school or college. I know the re-deco my parents did for me when I was that age was super special! And what a treat to come home from college and have a new room to stay in!

  2. Thanks, Christa! A very good suggestion!

  3. Great job girls! This is what I've been waiting for...ways to use the kids corner decals in a non-kids room! I think the ideas you shared above would look great in my family room - or my dining room, for that matter!