Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Decorative Stencils for walls and more.

Dots... Dots... and more Dots! 
Polka Dots are the a popular item when it comes to room decor. These decorative stencils are great and very easy to use. Not to mention, the possibilities are endless... so let loose and have some fun! Hopefully these images will start your creative engine. Using these murals stencils is an easy 5 Step process...

As the picture above shows....
  • Peel the self-adhesive stencil from the backing
  • Stick it to the wall (or other surfaces... we'll talk about this later)
  • Using a sponge or stencil brush, Paint in the stencil.... usually 2 thinner coats work better than one heavy coat of paint
  • Remove the stencil as soon as you're done painting
  • Reuse your stencil to keep creating the beautiful look your want.

When you buy the Polka Dot Mural Stencils from you will receive:
10 self-adhesive polka dot wall stencils (2 of each size)

Its best to come up with a game plan before you start painting. With a piece of chalk you can easily sketch out on your walls where you want your polka dots to go. If you want to change your plan, simply wash off the chalk and start again! Even if you've painted and then change your mind... use your base wall paint and paint over the stenciled dot.

Below is the Fabulous Flower Mural Stencils. This kit comes with: 
16 self-adhesive wall stencils (2 of each flower)

The Fabulous Flowers and Polka Dots are not just stencils for walls.... use them to:
  • Art: Create beautiful wall art or name plaques. Using a plain art canvas or wooden plaque, paint the background a coordinating color... then stencil one or two flowers or dots on top. Overlap them, position it off center or centered, add a name. Talk about fun and PERSONAL!
  • Fabric: Stencil a flower or dot onto Fabric (using matching fabric paint), to create matching pillows for the bed or chair. Try stenciling a row of dots or flowers along the top or bottom of plain curtains to instantly create bring them to life while coordinating them to the rest of the room.
  • Furniture: Try adding a single flower or dot on a dresser drawer or night stand, place the knob right in the center of your flower or dot. Now that would look cool!
  • Chalkboard Areas: Create a place for expressing creativity, by painting a square or oval on the wall with Chalkboard paint. Then use your stencils to create a decorative boarder around it!
  • Accessorize: Want a little sparkle to the walls? Add sparkling jewels to your dots and flower by using a glue gun.
For an even greater look, try combing the Fabulous Flowers and Polka Dots Mural Stencils together! You can buy both at Kids Decal Corner or click above (at the right) to connect to the Mural Stencils products in our store.

All our mural stencils are made by Dream Catcher Kids and come with a suggested list of colors, but obviously you can use whatever colors you like. You can purchase these acrylic stencil paints from any local craft store like Micheals or AC. Moore or Walmart.

Price: it always comes down to the dollar, doesn't it? Honestly, you can't find a better deal out there...
For each mural stencil kit, you pay $24.95... and just think of ALL you can do with these decorative stencils!!

I always LOVE to see your amazing creations... so send me your pictures at I can't wait to hear from you! Happy Designing!!

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