Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paint Up Your Child's Room with Beautiful Mural Stencils!

flower-fairy-mural stencils

Make your boring white walls say, "WOW"!!
Murals are a BIG trend in room decor right now! A few posts ago, I mentioned the pre-pasted wallpaper decals we offer at Kids Decal Corner, but here is another option for the more adventurous of heart!

Actually, these mural stencils are super simple and easy enough for ANYONE to do, it's just that they'll take more time to complete than the wallpaper decals!

This past week, there have been some cute additions to the mural stencils category at Kids Decal Corner. Take a minute and check them out! They're very imaginative and affordable, especially considering the fact that you can create a FULL room mural!

under-the-sea-theme mural stencil

This is our Under the Sea Mural Stencils Kit for $100.00. It includes 45 different self - adhesive stencils that can be used as often as needed to create a one-on-a-kind mural for your little person's bedroom, school room, playroom or even the bathroom!

Each kit comes with free brushes and detailed instructions, including paint color suggestions.

This is a little diagram to show the simple and fun process of how to use these decorative stencils!

Fish Stencil

dinosaur-mural stencils

 What little boy wouldn't love to have his bedroom converted to the Jurasic Period?!! All the pre-historic dinosaurs are included in the kit, from T-Rex to the Triceratops! For the full effect, trees, foliage and volcanoes are also included! Our Dinosaurs Mural Stencils Kit is available for $70.00!

Just to put a little bug in your ear...  these decorative stencils would make great Christmas gifts for the dino lovers in your family!

If you're looking for a mural that can be used for boys or girls, how about our NEW Forest Friends Mural Stencils Kit?

forest mural stencil

Here you can see how the same mural stencils kit was used to create a gender specific mural, just by changing the paint color options. You could even go with a totally gender neutral colors and that way, no matter boy or girl, they would still love the furry and friendly critters on their walls!

 I also want to take a minute to point out the cute little sign on the turtle's back. You can easily personalize these murals with names, images, or whatever. You can also use the same stencils for walls, and apply them to fabric to make coordinating pillows or throws for the bed or chair. The sky is the limit... let your imagination soar!

I mentioned that these stencil kits take longer to complete than the wallpaper decals, and that's true. But, you might be surprised just how quickly they do go on. Usually, its safe to estimate that it will take the better part of a day or two to create your mural. It's best to have the walls pre-painted a few days before applying the stencils, just so the paint has time to cure.

Well, that's all for now, folks... I'll leave you with a fun little video to show you just how simple it it to create these magical rooms!

Watch short demo

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