Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW Nursery Wall Decals Have ARRIVED!!!

I am very pleased to announce that the new line of BABY Wall Pops! have been added to Kids Decal Corner!
This new line of nursery wall decals posses a timeless and classy yet soft and sweet appeal! And they're lots of fun too. Mix and match the dots, circles, fanciful stripes and silhouettes to create a truly one of a kind wall of art! All these decals are available in 6 different colors, including
Gigi Pink
Baby Blue
Pea Pod Green
Espresso Brown
Ivory White
Buttercup Yellow
All perfect colors for boys or girls nurseries or bedrooms! What is great about decorating a nursery or child's room in these decals, is you can mix and match the items to match just about any bedding. You can arrange them in any formation or pattern to fit your room! These peel and stick baby wall stickers will not only be lots of fun to put up, but just as easy and painless to take off when the time comes to upgrade your baby's room decor to better fit their age and interest! Leaving no sticky residue or trace on the walls... you can apply and re-apply them as you need to.

Included in this new line of decals, are....
1. Wall Wishes ranging from $21.95 - $25.95. 
2. Alphabet Wall Stickers in all the 6 different colors for only $21.95
3. Silhouettes to place within the circles and dots:

4. Beautiful Monograms available in 4 different styles for a dreamy price of $37.95

5. Fanciful stripes ....

6. And of course as many different arrangements of dots and circles as you can imagine!

So, have fun decorating and remember... these would make great gifts for Christmas or as a baby gift :)

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  1. These new Nursery Wall Decals are fantastic and i also give order these decals. Thanks to give such nice ideas.