Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yummy Chalkboard Stickers...

This is one SWEET chalkboard sticker!!!  
New from our manufactures...Wall Candy Arts... this giant cupcake, complete with cherries and sprinkles, is now for sale at Kids Decal Corner for $57.95.

What better way is there to keep track of chores, grocery lists, lunch menus, memo reminders than with these peel and stick chalkboard stickers? Not only will your kids have fun "writing on the walls" with these decals, but I think the adults will find it just as appetizing!

As you can see in the picture below; these giant cupcake chalkboard stickers come with:
  • 1 Giant Cupcake - measuring 32x24
  • 1 Giant 10.5" Cherry
  • 24 sprinkles
  • 22 stars
  • 1 candle
  • and an 18" "yummy" text!

This cupcake would be great for your child's next birthday party! Or how about at your next garage sale... you could list your baked goodies on it. It's yummy enough to even go in the office...
I'm sure you could find many fun ways and places to put this sweet treat!

Coming this week: A coupon for these cupcake chalkboard stickers! But only if you're a facebook fan! Check us out on facebook... become our fan by clicking "LIKE" at the top of the page.... and you can get in on this sweet deal!

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