Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paint by Number Wall Murals

Is this wall mural not totally awesome? I must say, that out of all the items we offer at Kids Decal Corner, these adorable paint by number wall murals (by Elephants on the Wall) are my absolute favorite! Typically I would look at a mural like this and think ... "if only I could paint like that!" Well... If you're thinking the same thing... I have news for you.

With these paint by number wall murals you can tap into that artist you've always wanted to be!

Simply follow the 3 step process and you can have a beautiful mural like you see in these pictures.

  1. Tape
  2. Trace
  3. Paint
1. Tape
Tape the transfer paper to the back of the pattern paper, then tape the pattern paper to your wall.
2. Trace
Using a ball point pen, trace the design onto the wall. When done tracing, remove the pattern from the wall.
3. Paint
Paint the areas of the mural with the corresponding colors listed on our numbered color guide.

Helpful Tips for a Fantastic Mural:

  1. Wall colors.... The Murals show up best on light colored walls - white, cream, pastels. The wall paint should be an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss finish.
  2. Don't trace the numbers, they may be difficult to cover up with the paint.
  3. Protect your mural from fingerprints and dirt. Apply a coat of Clear Coat (indoor use) with a roller. Be sure to cover everything with the clear coat, because as it dries, it will appear darker than the non-coated areas.
  4. Reverse the pattern for a bigger mural. Simply put the carbon paper on the backside of the pattern, trace the outline. Then turn over your pattern and you will have a reversed copy on that side. Now proceed with the normal 3 step process.

How long will these murals take, you ask? 

It depends on the paint by number kit you buy. The silhouettes may take a day and the jungle murals and beach murals may take a better part of a weekend. It all depends on how big you want it to be! Just to be clear, they are NOT stencils or peel and stick decals.... so more time is required.... but may I say.... You will be one proud artist when you're done!

So .... Any guesses on how much a full wall mural like these cost????

If you paid someone to come and hand paint this kind of mural.... you're looking at hundreds of dollars ..... or.....

You could try it on your own and end up frustrated or disappointed... Or......

You could go to and find out just how reasonably priced these paint by number kits are... not to mention the amazing wall mural you'll have in the end! Click on the Paint by Number Wall Murals link on the right and check out our amazing murals.

Plus... if you have a specific mural theme in mind, but can't find it in our store... PLEASE email me at and I will do my best to locate it for you!!!

Don't forget, I would love to see pictures of you finished project; you can send them to! From one aspiring artist to another.... Happy Painting!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chalkboard Stickers

It is now officially acceptable to write on the walls!

Chalkboard Stickers are the newest rave when it comes to wall decor decals!

Whether you're looking for a fun way to dress up your child's wall or a way to get organized.... the Chalkboard Stickers at Kids Decal Corner are the way to go!

With these amazing peel and stick chalkboard stickers, you can add creative decor to a room while adding usefulness in minutes.... not to mention.... Its just plain fun to write on the walls!

Simply peel off the kids decal and place it anywhere you like,
  • walls
  • doors
  • lockers
  • furniture
... and start writing. Want to change its location? No problem... just peel it off the wall - leaving no sticky residue behind - and place it somewhere else! When you're ready for a clean slate, just wipe with a damp cloth and its good as new!

Chalkboard stickers are a great way to go Green. No more paper "To Do" lists or little bits of paper floating around with notes or appointments on them. Our peel and stick chalkboards are very environmentally friendly too. The chalk that comes with the decals is allergen free. containing No:
  • Latex
  • Dairy
  • Casein
  • Egg
  • Gluten
  • Peanut
  • Tree Nut
  • Soy

Who would have thought that you could encourage your child's creativity - through writing or drawing, help them get organized with their schedules or classes and express their unique taste and interest .... all with a WALL DECAL???

Visit us at and you'll see we have a great variety of chalkboard stickers for kids and the kid at heart!

Don't forget these decals make great gifts too! How about that high school senior that will be graduating and moving off to college? Chalkboard stickers would be a great way to celebrate this new season of adventure and responsibility in their lives.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

HUGE Wallpaper Decals!

Can you say "IMPRESSIVE"!! Our amazing Batman wallpaper decals ( from RoomMates ) are HUGE; measuring 9'x15'. You would expect that to transform a room, to look like this, would be difficult and pricey. But not at Kids Decal Corner! You can apply this wallpaper mural in a few hours (at the very most). And prices start at $165.95 for our 6'x10' murals and $265.95 for our 9'x15' murals. Not a bad price for such an impressive make-over! These wallpaper decals are printed on a revolutionary prepasted material called Surestrip™, which makes it easier to install such large wall graphics. They are prepasted and water-activated. Just dip the strip (there are 7 strips all together) into a tub of lukewarm water, wait a minute, apply to the wall, then smooth the strip with a soft brush and repeat with the next sequentially-numbered strip. The XL Wallpaper Decals remove easily too! Simply pick two corners and start pulling off the wall. Each strip will remove in seconds, and in full strips! No tools needed!
Come visit us at to see the variety we offer. Just to wet your appetite ... we Star Trek, Barbie, Thomas the Train, Spider-Man and many more.

Check out this video to see just how easy it is to apply these amazing wallpaper decals.

Amaze your family and guests with these impressive wallpaper decals when you shop at Kids Decal Corner!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kids Decal Corner... Open For Business!

WoW... After many weeks of hard work, I am proud to say...

We're Open, For Kids Wall Decals

At Kids Decal Corner we recognize that kids are always changing and growing. If you want to keep up with their ever-developing interests and passions is can be expensive, not to mention, time consuming! At Kids Decal Corner we have the perfect solution.

Our wall decor decals are nothing short of miraculous!
They're FAST... simply peel, stick and enjoy!
They're REMOVABLE and REUSABLE... No sticky residue when you take them off!
AFFORDABLE... can be as little as $15!

As your child grows and changes, simply peel off the old wall decor decals and put up the new ones! Its that simple. No Mess. No Repainting. No Hassle. No Weekend - Warrior Projects. Not only are you being kind to your wallet, but you'll have a beautiful room that reflects your child's unique personality and likes and passions!

When you shop at you'll find categories for every age, from Babies to Teens.
We have a great selection of small and large kids decals; including
  • dinosaurs,
  • trains,
  • cars,
  • sports,
  • Diego,
  • Batman,
  • Spider-Man,
  • Transformers,
  • Star Wars,
to name a few for the boys. For the girls; we have
  • Barbie,
  • Hello Kitty,
  • Princesses,
  • Fairies,
  • Butterflies,
  • Flowers,
  • Dora the Explorer,
  • My Littlest Pet Shop

and so many more.

We're also very proud of our Mural Stencils and Paint by Number wall murals. These, obviously, aren't peel and stick decals, but they are amazing all on their own. For a very affordable price, you can create your child a dreamland mural... even if you're not an artist. From jungles and farms to flower gardens and silhouettes you're sure to find a mural that will delight your child's heart and inspire their imaginations!